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They’ve finally done it. Ubisoft has made the newest of the Watch Dogs titles, multiplayer with some attractive modes, and it features an in-game store for customizations, characters, decals, etc.

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Unlock Exclusive Content

But did you know that you can get exclusive content like characters, guns, drones, cameras, and others for free? This is an event which will be available for a limited time, so make sure to obtain your prizes.

Let’s get into how you can unlock exclusive content in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Unlock Exclusive Content – Watch Dogs: Legion

This is completely free and it can be done on any console. This is some kind of a praise or a tribute to the Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber.

In the game, you can unlock the said YouTuber along with some other rewards. Initially, this was intended just for Spanish countries, but it’s not locked to the rest of the world.

Meaning, anyone can unlock it, no matter where they are from. This is how to unlock exclusive content in Watch Dogs: Legion:

  1. Go to the Ubisoft’s redeem code website. watch dogs legion step one code
  2. Enter this code in the input field: WDSL-ELRU-BIUS-9999
  3. The site will prompt you to login, do so with your Ubisoft account. watch dogs legion account
  4. If you don’t receive the reward repeat the process.
  5. Also, if you don’t have the prizes when you login on console, make sure Ubisoft account is connected to the account on your console.

The character is called El Rubius OMG, i.e. the content creator’s professional name. He receives a spider mobility gadget, along with two guns.

He also has a really scary bat which he can use. His appearance is quite stunning, and I’m sure he appreciates how the developers made him come to life in the Watch Dogs world. Enjoy your rewards!

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