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Pictures in Watch Dogs Legion are a big part of the game. There are needed for many things like quests, interactions, and journaling.

Watch Dogs Legion: How to Take Pictures

So, it is safe to say that it is a must to know how to take pictures and the understand the different photo modes that are implemented in the game.

How to Take Pictures? – Watch Dogs Legion

Firstly, you must distinguish what kind of photo do you need. Do you need a quick photo which needn’t be with a lot of detail?

Well, then you must use the Camera mode, otherwise you must use the Photo mode. Both work similarly, and you can take pictures the same with both:

  1. Open up your Character Wheel.
  2. You will find three items in the menu: Photo mode, Camera, and Gallery – select the corresponding one.
  3. After you click either the Photo mode or Camera, you can start taking pictures with the designated key bind.

If you want to check out all of your pictures, you can do so by going to the gallery. You must understand the differences between the Camera and Photo mode.

What’s the Difference Between Photo Mode and Camera?

Photo Mode

Pauses the game and the world, and allows you to take stale images. It can be also helpful if you are trying to catch a wider-angle picture.

In this mode you can also change more advances settings, which allows you to control the brightness, color, stickers on the picture, etc.


The camera allows you to take faster pictures while the world is not paused. It can be great for situations when you need to take a picture quickly.

Play around with the two modes and see all of their differences because you will be required to use both of these in your Watch Dogs Legion journey.

We are not saying you should be a professional photographer, but placement and angles can sometimes make a difference whether you get the picture for the mission or not.

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