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The gaming world especially is fond of John Wick. Despite making only a few appearances in games, we all know of this character and hold him dear to our hearts.

How to Unlock John Wick In Watch Dogs Legion

Unfortunately, they didn’t add him in Watch Dogs Legion. It’s a bummer, but they added Daniel Power who can be regarded and is known as the John Wick of Watch Dogs.

John WickDaniel Power, Professional Hitman: Perks, Abilities, and Guns

There must be a reason why people regard Daniel Power, as John Wick. He is a ruthless killer, with a deadly skillset!

From the looks of it, he might be ex-military or ex-agent, but it is unknown. What makes Daniel so special?

  • Guns
  1. Desert Eagle – an extremely powerful and hard to control pistol, with deadly force. Wielded by only the most skillful gunmen.
  2. G36

Not as much punch as the DE, but a very accurate Assault Rifle. Can be deadly in the right hands.

  • Abilities
  1. Gunkata – Instant gun takedown.
  2. Combat Roll – Roll while in combat, and this will auto reload your weapons!
  3. Albion Vendetta – Increased damage against Albion personnel.

How to Unlock The Skillful John Wick of Watch Dogs

  1. First you will need to take over Nine Elms. To do this do all three of these missions:
  • Neutralize VIP
  • Photograph Evidence
  • Sabotage
  1. You will then be informed to track an informant who will give you the quest to unlock Daniel.
  2. The quest is a bit difficult as it requires some patience. Once you reach the secret prison you can release Daniel Power and recruit him in your team.

Once you start playing Daniel Power you will quickly realize that his combat skill set is far more extensive than other operatives in the game.

You should get this character for strategic reasons, because he might be the most over powered character in game. If you choose to do so, be careful!

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