Watch the Cinematic Announce for Expansion of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight



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Nothing gets fans hyped up for something like a Blizzard cinematic. They did it with Overwatch and Diablo, and now we have a cinematic reveal for the next expansion for World of Warcraft, Dragonflight.

Watch the Cinematic Announce for Expansion of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Watch this:

The dragonflights of Azeroth have returned, called upon to defend their ancestral home, the Dragon Isles. Surging with elemental magic and the life energies of Azeroth, the Isles are awakening once more, and it’s up to you to explore their primordial wonder and discover long-forgotten secrets.

The expansion gives players access to a new class called Draconic Evokers who can actually switch from a humanoid form to something more dragonlike. The expansion also adds a new method of flight to the game, giving you access to several kinds of customizable fire drakes, each with their own unique abilities.

Here’s an overview on Dragonriding:

Dive down and gain momentum as you rapidly descend, then unfurl your drake’s wings and use your dragonriding skills to stay afloat. Take in your surroundings as you look for the perfect landing spot—or surprise your foes with death from above!

Dragons aren’t the only new things coming to the expansion either. Dragonflight also promises a new talent system, a different HUD interface, and something called Professions and Crafting which will help you customize your character builds even further.

There is actually an upcoming open beta for the game, so if you want in on that you can get to it via your Battle Net account. To find out more details about the Dragonflight expansion, you can visit the official site at

The Dragonflight reveal didn’t come with a release date, but hopefully the expansion comes out sometime later this year. World of Warcraft is now available on PC.

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