VALORANT: Optimal Crosshair Colors for All Maps


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Apparently, some crosshair colors work better than others for each of VALORANT’s eight-map roster.

VALORANT: Optimal Crosshair Colors for All Maps

Crosshairs are a subjective topic – every player will have their own favorite combination of colors, lengths, gaps, thickness, etc. Some players even swear by the pixel-sized Dot Crosshair (we’re looking at you, ScreaM). Whatever crosshair you’re rocking today might be perfectly fine for you, and you’re probably fragging out just as well as you could with just about any other crosshair configuration.

As long as you put in the hours to get used to a particular crosshair the type of crosshair you try to use in VALORANT might not matter much – at least, that’s what most players probably believed in.

A Redditor who goes by the name u/useewhynot begs to differ, and claims to have written a Python script that gave him the perfect crosshair colors for each map in VALORANT that maximizes visibility and, by extension, could improve your ability to place crosshairs on your opponents’ heads much easier in-game.

Optimal Crosshair Colors in VALORANT

Patch 5.04 introduced a whole new set of crosshair options that gave players greater flexibility and customization options for their crosshairs in VALORANT.

image 194

The most interesting change is arguably the ability to use color codes to get the perfect combination of red, green, and blue to create the crosshair color of your dreams. Previously, you can only really choose from a list of preset crosshair colors and adjust their opacity to get the shade you wanted.

The ability to use color codes paved the way for u/useewhynot to create a script that took each map’s color schemes into account and supply a color that contrasted the maps’ colors as much as possible. In practice, this should give players the best colors for the best visibility on these maps.

With that said, he ended up with the following “best” Crosshair Colors for each map in VALORANT:

  • Ascent – #00e0ff
image 195
  • Bind – #00a1ff
image 199
  • Haven – #0078ff
image 197
  • Icebox – #2aff00
image 198
  • Breeze – #00ffdf
image 200
  • Fracture – #005bff
image 201
  • Pearl – #ff1d00
image 202

While u/useewhynot was running the script, one color family stood out from the rest – Cyan/Blue, which he found was a common color choice for maps such as Ascent, Bind, Fracture, and Haven.

Of course, on maps with a blue-er color scheme such as Icebox and Pearl, the yellows and red crosshair shades made more sense.

Unfortunately, u/useewhynot was only really able to find the best crosshair colors according to average map background color schemes, which means that abilities such as Viper’s Toxic Wall or Astra’s Cosmic Divide were not taken into account.

It’s great to know which colors help your crosshair pop out more from the map background. This should help you pinpoint your targets easily in-game as well; theoretically improving your ability to aim.

Max Visibility

If you’ve been running into some instances where you’ve lost track of your crosshair when it lines up with a similarly colored wall or ability in-game, try out the suggested colors above and see if that fixes your visibility issues.

Nevertheless, the colors above are merely the best colors based on map color contrasts. If you’re already fragging 30 a game with your current crosshair setup, there’s no good reason to switch to other settings as you risk throwing off your game in the process.

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