Where can you stream MSNBC online?


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Are you someone who’s left traditional cable in the dust? I, too, live that life. Many of the services available these days make it easy — and sometimes quite practical — to live without a cable box sitting underneath your TV. But you may feel some anxiety about it, especially if you’re not sure you’ll still be able to watch your favorite news channels. If you’re asking, “Where can you stream MSNBC online?” the answer is simple. There are many, many options. All you need is a proper, stable internet connection (similar to https://att-bundles.com/internet/)!

Where can you stream MSNBC online?

Today we’re focusing on what those options are exactly, and how much they’re gonna cost you. Here’s a complete and legal (!) list of where you can stream MSNBC online.

YouTube TV has it

stream msnbc online where youtube

Want to cut the ole cable cord while still having something that’s pretty darn close to a cable TV package? YouTube TV may suit you. YouTube TV has loads of channels. It has an unlimited DVR that never quits. It has loads of apps across many different platforms. And, most importantly, it’ll let you stream MSNBC online.

You’ll pay quite a pretty penny for the privilege, of course. YouTube TV doesn’t come cheap at $64.99 — at least, not when compared to other TV streaming services. But if you absolutely must catch Stephanie Ruhle during the day, or you’ve gotta have your Maddow in the evening, YouTube TV is a great choice.

Sling TV is an option, too

stream msnbc online where sling

Sling TV does things a bit differently than YouTube TV. Rather than having just one streaming TV package you can either take or leave, Sling TV has two you can choose from — if you choose not to combine them, anyway. There’s Sling Blue and Sling Orange, which come in at $35 apiece or $50 together.

Sling TV is pretty great in its own right. It also includes some DVR recording time (though not unlimited), and has a host of apps you can use. MSNBC is included as a part of Sling Blue, which means you can only pay $35 a month if that specific channel is all you care about.

FuboTV lets you stream MSNBC online

stream msnbc online where fubotv

Though perhaps not as well known as the prior two services, fuboTV is right up there as a cable TV replacement. You will have to figure out if the price is worth it for you, though. Just like YouTube TV, fuboTV will charge you $64.99 per month for its starter package, though that does include 250 hours of DVR.

If fuboTV strikes your fancy, the service includes MSNBC in that starter lineup, ensuring you can always stay up to date on the latest news.

Hulu + Live TV has you covered


Hulu + Live TV has a best of both worlds-type scenario going on. You’ve got the on-demand video aspect of Hulu that enables you to instantly catch up on shows that have already aired, along with original Hulu programming. Then you have live TV channels you can stream, too. What’ll that cost you? The same $64.99 two out of the prior three services are charging. Kind of makes you wonder why almost everyone is landing on that price, doesn’t it?

If you go with Hulu + Live TV, at least, you’ll land yourself MSNBC. So this service is yet another way you can keep your eyes glued to the news using just the internet.

DirecTV Stream gives you MSNBC

directv stream

Finally, we arrive at what is probably the most expensive streaming TV service out there right now: DirectTV Stream. The most entry level package available from DirecTV (formerly called AT&T TV) does contain MSNBC. The problem? It’ll cost you $69.99. Once you factor the price of internet into the equation, DirecTV Stream (and some of those prior services at $65) might cause you to get your calculator out to see if a cable TV/internet bundle is actually cheaper in the end.

But hey! DirecTV Stream is there as an option if you absolutely want it. And maybe you will! If you try it out, you could end up preferring its overall channel lineup and its user experience to anything else on the list. The only way for you to know for sure is to give it a whirl.

Now you know where you can stream MSNBC online

With that, we’ve rattled off five streaming TV services that’ll let you stream MSNBC online. If you’re intent on becoming a cable quitter, but you still must absolutely have this channel, these are the best legal options you have available.

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