Valheim: Secret Fire Sword Craft & Stats


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It is undeniable how many great weaponry one can craft in Valheim. Still, even though it may appear as there is no limit to how far one can go in the game, there is actually an end.

Valheim: Secret Fire Sword Craft & Stats

The moral of the story is that yes, Valheim has an enormous progression curve, but sooner or later you will reach the end of your Viking journey. On the way there, you will hold some great weapons.

Two swords that stand out as the best swords in the game are the secret fire sword, and the cheat sword.

Secret Fire Sword Craft & Stats – Valheim

Today though, we will focus on one of them, and that’s the secret fire sword. The fire sword is one of the best swords in the game, and it is intended for the late-game portion.

It has undeniably strong stats, and you will have no issue taking down any enemy that crosses your path. Its description states: “Unsheathed, it sizzles and spits with deathless fire, an impossible blade”.

But how can you craft the secret Fire sword at the moment in Valheim? Well, because it is not yet added into the game, it can’t be crafted, but you can get it either way:

  1. Go into a Valheim world.
  2. Open the console with F5.
  3. Type in “imacheater”.
  4. Then, type in “spawn SwordIronFire 1”, and keep in mind the capitalization of the letters.
  5. You can deactivate cheat mode by typing “imacheater” again.

Of course, at the moment, both of the above mentioned swords are either for testing or for lols. Seeing as though they can’t be crafted in the game, one could only assume that this is the case.

Secret Fire Sword Stats

For the fire sword, we can see that it has much more down to earth stats, compared to the cheater sword:

  • One-handed
  • Weight: 1,0
  • Durability: 200
  • Repair Station Level: 2
  • Slash: 55
  • Fire: 30
  • Block power: 10
  • Parry force: 20
  • Parry bonus: x2
  • Knockback: 40
  • Backstab: x3
  • Movement speed: -5%

However, this will change in the future, and the secret fire sword – Dyrnwyn, is planned to enter the game at some point. This means that this sword will soon become available for crafting. Here are the resources you will need for crafting:

valheim secret fire sword craft and stats

As for the cheater sword, there is no indication that it is even remotely planned to enter the game. It has some scary and overpowered stats, which might indicate that it is only for fun.

Whatever the case may be, you can try out both of these, and expect the fire sword to enter the game in the future.

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cheat sword craft and stats valheim

Valheim: Cheat Sword Craft & Stats