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Monster Hunter Stories 2 just came out, and there are many wondering whether the developers included Monoblos in this game. Thankfully, they did. Getting it is as hard as ever, but still a great monster nonetheless. Below, you will find where you can find Monoblos in Monster Hunter Stories 2, as well as how to get it easily, if that’s even possible.

Where To Find Monoblos in Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where To Find Monoblos

Because it is one of the most sick-looking monsters in the game, you can imagine how easy, or rather, how hard this monster is to catch. But first though, you will need to reach Harzgai Hill.

As this does happen quite early in the game, you should have no issues getting to it fast. After all this will come about after your fight with the Tigrex, and once you find it, you can make it run by using paralysis or paintballs.

Follow the monster back to its cave, and extract the egg from it.

All things considered, the Royal Monoblos is no joke. It’s one of the most potent monsters in the game, so if you can team up with someone else, that’s your best bet.

Use sword and shield to take it down, utilize its weakness, and utilize Head-on-Head tricks. These three things are the most important and the best ones to use to take down Monoblos.

Also, the Royal Monoblos has another version, a deviant version. However, that will only come about in a later stage of the game. Just for reference, it is called White Monoblos, and is located in Jalma Highlands.

Compared to the earlier version of it, this one is no joke. Again, use the same tactics, and team up if possible. Monster Hunter Stories 2 does bring some old and new monsters in the game, so it is safe to say that players have a lot to go through before they reach the end.

Whatever the case may be, may you find luck on your journey hunter, and be safe when going against the Royal Monoblos.

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