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New pets get added pretty frequently in Adopt Me. 2020 was an example of that. It was full of new pets and new vehicles, and as those events ended quite some time ago, those pets and vehicles aren’t available anymore. The only way that players can get them is through trading. If you’re looking to trade your snow owl, or get one, we will show you exactly how much the snow owl is worth!

Adopt Me: How Much Is A Snow Owl Worth

How Much Is A Snow Owl Worth – Adopt Me

The snow owl was available during the 2020 Winter Holiday event. Since then though, or more specifically, since it has become unavailable, its value has grown a substantial amount.

It costed around ten thousand gingerbread during the event, which is quite a lot, so a small portion of players managed to get the snow owl for themselves.

Nowadays, the snow owl has grown in value a small amount. It is worth somewhere around a dodo, a golden dragon, kangaroo, or a turtle. Most of the time, trades have been made with the above-mentioned pets.

At the moment, all evidence suggests that the value of the snow owl will continue to grow in the future. Its growth is linear, and that is to be expected since this is a pretty rare legendary pet, that has been around only for a year, at most.

With that said, at the moment, the best thing that players who own a snow owl can do is wait it out. Meaning, if you’re already made up your mind about trading it, don’t.

The biggest reason is the fact that its value does seem like it will grow quite a lot.

At the moment, while it is worth a lot, it still is somewhere in the middle in terms of value for legendary pets. Also, its demand is sky-high, which is another aspect that tells us that the snow owl’s value will grow substantially.

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