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In the theme of all missions in Mafia 1 Remake, “Fair Play” is also fun and playful. It revolves around racing cars and stealing fast cars.

Where to Find Paulie : Mafia 1 Remake Chapter 5 Fair Play

After racing for a while, you will be asked to find the drunken Paulie so you can end the mission. But where do you find a drunk man at a huge party?

We will tell you exactly where to find Paulie in Mafia 1 Remake Chapter 5: Fair Play.

Where to Find Paulie Mafia Remake Chapter 5 Fair Play

After stealing a lighting fast car, you will be gathered with Paulie and others ready to watch the race. But you will be interrupted by Frank, who will tell you that Mark Dunne can’t race.

Mark Dunne will be roughed up pretty bad by his rival’s boys, and you will have to take the wheel against professional drivers.

After completing all that, Paulie will drink a lot and will disappear. You will have to find him at the party to wrap up the mission.

Where to find Paulie:

  1. Once you spawn at the locations where you need to find Paulie, go straight and take the first left.
  2. Go straight until you see the Hot Dog Butcher. When seen, go right.
  3. Continue walking forwards until you see a bus. Go behind the bus.
  4. Walk straight, and a cut-scene with Paulie will start.

By some negotiation, you will finally make him realize that he is very intoxicated and that he should go home. You will put him in a taxi, and chapter 5 will be done. Good luck!

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