Mafia 1 Remake : How to Unlock Free Ride Secret Jobs



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There are many secret missions in Mafia 1 Remake. You can get these only on the free ride and offer unique trophies, achievements, and rewards.

Mafia 1 Remake : How to Unlock Free Ride Secret Jobs

All in all, they are pretty fun, and you won’t want to miss them. Understandable, but how to unlock these free ride secret jobs?

Well, we are telling you everything we know about these and how to unlock them.

How to Unlock Free Ride Secret Jobs

Each job is unique, and each has its conditions for starting and finishing. There are twelve secret free ride jobs in Mafia 1 Remake.

They come in the form of phone booths. In other words, you have to interact with a phone booth to start the quest.

The payphones which are ringing are usually side quests, so keep an eye out for those. You get cars, outfits, trophies, guns, and many other awards from these.

To unlock the free ride secret jobs, you have to enter a free ride and find a note in Salieri’s Bar next close to the pool table.

This will unlock the first phone booth. After you finish that mission, you need to find ten more notes in Salieri’s Bar. After you see all of these, all the phone booths are unlocked.

One important thing to note is that sometimes, certain conditions have to be met so that a particular quest starts.

Conditions like weather, time of day, and progression-wise. So, don’t fret if you don’t see payphones ringing because they will. Not many are as complicated as that.

Most will start immediately after you find the notes, so drive around in a free ride, and you will see a lot of payphones ringing. Many of these quests are much more fun than the regular ones, so have fun!

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