Where to Find the Dump Truck in GTA 5


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HVY’s Dump is one of, if not the largest, land vehicles in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Where to Find the Dump Truck in GTA 5

GTA 5 features vehicles in all shapes, colors, and sizes, most of which come with unique features. The Dozer, for example, features a Scoop that can pick up or lift small vehicles, while the Buzzard Attack Chopper carries missiles and machine guns on board.

The Dump Truck doesn’t have any of that; it has the sheer size and weight to tower over most vehicles and buildings in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Never worry about traffic in Downtown Los Santos again. With the Dump Truck, you’ll be driving over cars in traffic jams like they’re soda cans. This guide will show you where to find the Dump Truck in GTA 5.

Dump Truck in GTA 5

image 167

As the largest land vehicle in GTA 5, you probably expect the Dump Truck to be ultra-durable and almost impervious to incoming damage. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with the Dump Truck.

Despite its commanding stature, the Dump Truck shares a very similar durability factor as other vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 5. If anything, the Dump Truck’s massive wheels make it more susceptible to bursting due to its large surface area, while its large exposed gas tanks are vulnerable to gunfire. Thanks to its massive weight, the Dump Truck can easily run over other vehicles or push them away with ease. However, you must be careful when running over vehicles and causing them to explode, as the resulting explosion can also cause the Dump Truck to explode.

image 168

In addition, the Dump Truck can’t travel very fast due to its massive size and weight and is only faster than two of the slowest vehicles in GTA 5 – the Dozer and the Mower.

Despite this, the Dump Truck is capable of traveling underwater, thanks to its high-mount exhaust, and it can also be picked up by the Cargobob Helicopter.

Dump Truck Locations in GTA 5

The Dump Truck can be found in five different locations in Grand Theft Auto 5:

  • Davis Quartz
image 169
image 170
  • Redwood Lights Track
image 165
image 166
  • Downtown Los Santos
image 173
image 174
  • Cypress Flats Sign (Hangar Way)
image 171
image 172

Alternatively, you can purchase the Dump Truck from Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,000,000.

Dump Away

While the Dump Truck doesn’t have interactive features such as a moveable box-bed, there’s something special about driving a massive vehicle with wheels that are taller than you.

Nevertheless, there’s a ton of fun with the Dump Truck in GTA 5, like mowing down traffic or climbing steep mountains. With some creativity, you can even try to load up small vehicles into the back of the Dump Truck’s box bed with help from the Dozer.

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