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To finish the Wolfe’s Hunt mission, you will need to know where to find the missing synth in Wasteland 3. After completion of another mission where you rescue some other synth, you get Wolfe’s Hunt.

Where To Find The Missing Synth - Wolfe’s Hunt : Wasteland 3

This guide will tell you how to complete this mission and find the missing synth to continue your battle.

Where Is The Missing Synth Located?

The missing synth location is in Downtown Colorado Springs, in the museum.

⦁ To complete the mission, you need to get access to the museum. So, how do you finish the quest successfully?

Step 1

Go to Downtown Colorado Springs, and go to the museum. To get in, you will need to pick the lock or power the door open.

Step 2

Find a Welcome sign. Its located left of the entrance to the museum in the corner. Along with the welcome sign, you will see a few sleeping synths.

Step 3

Find the synth with the purple gun and talk to it. Its name is October-11.

Step 4

Either talk to October-11 or destroy it. To wake October up, it’s required to have specific science stuff. In the conversation, you can pick whether to let the synth go or destroy it. If you choose to let it go, Wolfe will leave the base and won’t give you any more missions.

If you kill it, Wolfe will stay in your base and give you more synths to destroy. Whichever option you pick, no rep is lost.

Step 5

When you choose the option to eradicate it, a battle with all the synths commences. However, thankfully they’re not that powerful. You could easily beat them.

After completion, based on which choice you went with, Wolfe will either stay at the base or leave because you didn’t bring him the synth’s head. Optimally, it’s a better route to kill it because you can have Wolfe give you more hunting missions.

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