Where to Use Priestess Key : Baldur’s Gate 3


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When you journey through Baldur’s Gate 3 world, you will eliminate enemies and loot chests which will give you different kinds of keys.

Where to Use Priestess Key : Baldur's Gate 3

Each key is unique and can be used to open a different type of door, or a specific one. Well, there is a particular key which you will get from an enemy called the Priestess key. Players are confused as to where to use the Priestess key.

That’s why we will tell you exactly where you can use this key in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Where to Use Priestess Key

priestess key location

Many players are familiar with the Shattered Sanctum in the Goblin Camp. You will go here to pass a lot of missions.

It’s a highly unusual place, well an unusual one for other RPG players. Baldur’s Gate fans are already closely familiar with the classic theme of this game. This place is a gateway to deeper and more places which you will need to explore for other quests.

So, if you are reading this, chances are you’ve got the Priestess key. Where to use the Priestess Key?

Unsurprisingly, you can use the Priestess key in the Shattered Sanctum. More specifically, it can be used for the Ornate Door at X: 268 Y: -21.

ornate door 2

When you open this door, there won’t be any major signs that this is a special room. It will be a regular room in the Shattered Sanctum.

However, this is far from the truth. From the other end of the room you can progress further underground until you reach some bizarre places. Following the path, will also lead you to the Moon puzzle.

If you haven’t got the key, you can get it from High Priestess of the Absolute, around X: 305 Y: -13. Be careful, it’s a level 4 mini-boss of sorts, it’s quite powerful. Good luck!

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