Which was the First Roblox Game to Reach 1 BILLION Downloads?



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Roblox is an interesting game, where young or old, amateur or professional, developers can create games which the world can enjoy in some form or another.

Which was the First Roblox Game to Reach 1 BILLION Downloads?

This game is by no means a development engine or a tool, because you are still limited by some things like, the physics of Roblox, its graphics, its mechanics and so much more.

But despite of this fact, a lot of developers have managed to create exceptional games. Today we will see which was the first Roblox game that reached 1 billion downloads!

First Roblox Game That Reached 1 Billion Downloads

As I said, despite all odds, the creativity of some people isn’t limited by all of Roblox’s factors. Games like Adopt Me, Shinobi Life 2, Brookheaven, and Meepcity are games that were released for Roblox some time ago, but they still get thousands of players daily.

So, yes, there are some interesting games out there for Roblox, but which was the most impactful one, the one that reached the biggest milestone of 1 billion downloads?

The first Roblox game to reach 1 billion downloads was Meepcity.


MeepCity can be considered a social game. You hang around in a beautifully crafted world, and meet with people from all around the world.

It first started as a website game back in 2015, but after the low amount of interest, the game was reinvented and released in the summer of 2016 for Roblox!

MeepCity was developed by a developer by the name of @alexnewtron. Before MeepCity, he was quite impactful in the Roblox community, producing some interesting and unique games.

But none of them would reach the heights that MeepCity achieved.

Rise and Fall of MeepCity

It didn’t take long before this game became really famous. Once a couple of content creators on YouTube picked up on this game, MeepCity started receiving a larger player base that it has ever seen.

Things looked quite good for some time. However, slowly after that, it had begun. The controversial downfall of MeepCity!

Sadly, some content creators that played the game, came out with a lot of criticism about the game’s ethical nature. Many of them threw wild accusations, stating that this game was downright sexist.

It was unfortunate because what was once a cool way of socializing, quickly became the most controversial Roblox game.

However, most of the reports and criticism wasn’t constructive and sometimes blatant lies were being thrown around. 

MeepCity’s terms of service were written carefully, and most of the points made by content creators were already addressed there.

All in all, it was a beautiful creation, and an interesting concept of socializing, props for the developers! To this day, MeepCity has more than 30 thousand active players!

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