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Xbox One is a highly successful gaming franchise of Xbox and it’s known as the power house all in one entertainment system developed in 2013. But one of its users reported the automatic turning on error that’s has been irritating for him.

His issue was resolved by the Microsoft technical support but if you are too figuring out similar issue and you keep on feeling “why does my Xbox one turn on by itself”?

Then let us tell you the reasons and solutions to this so that you don’t have to spend your money on any technical support team charges.

1) Xbox is Dirty

The number one reason is the dirtiness of your Xbox and for that; you have to clean it thoroughly. Xbox One is designed in such a way that it has no on or off button but has only a power toggle logo that helps you turn on the device. There might be a reason that dirt is stuck within your Xbox One and it’s causing issues. If that’s the case, wiping down the front of your console can work wonders, especially near power toggle.

2) Xbox One Has Kinect

If your Xbox One uses the Kinect technology, then it could be the reason for the automatic turn on of your Xbox One. The technology is made in such a way that it searches motion or words regarding Xbox One. So if you say anything regarding Xbox like “Xbox” or any word related to it, it would automatically activate Kinect technology and turn on your Xbox One. This technology is a little sensitive and could be a solid reason to turn on your device. To avoid using this technology, simply disable it by following this:

  • Visit settings page.
  • Choose “power and startup”.
  • Choose “select power mode and startup”.
  • Now turn on the disable wake up box saying “Hey Cortona” on the Xbox button.
  • That’s it.

3. Use of Controller

There might be chances that you use a controller for your Xbox One. All you need is to remove the battery and see if the problem resolves.

4. Use of Samsung TV

If you have the Samsung TV connected to Xbox One then there could be a huge chance that the Xbox One can turn on by itself. All Samsung TVs come out with the HDMI CEC option that automatically turns your Xbox One when you turn on the TV. To remove this self turn on issue, turn off the HDMI CEC option from the TV settings.

5. Failed to Install the Updates

Another major reason could be that you failed to install the updates of Xbox One. There might be new updates like current hacks, new settings. It’s crucial for you to install them to run your device at its best. Connect the console to the internet and it would download the essential and latest elements from the internet automatically. In case you have disabled the automatic downloads, you can reactivate it.

Bonus Tip

If you have followed all the above methods but still face “why does my xbox one turn on by itself”? Then change the power outlet. Try to plug it in the main socket instead of using a power extension, this might look a weird solution but it works. Try rebooting Xbox one by pressing the power button for 10 seconds (given on the front), now unplug the power supply for 10 seconds more. If things still don’t work, replace the device.

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