Will Medieval Dynasty Come Out On Xbox One And PS4



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Medieval Dynasty just came out on Steam. This game treads new waters by being a Medieval simulation game. It came out only on Steam but will more platforms be supported?

Will Medieval Dynasty Come Out On Xbox One And PS4

Information is limited on this topic, and it is tough to pinpoint whether the game will be available on other gaming devices such as the Xbox One and PS4.

We are giving you all the information on the subject of whether Medieval Dynasty will come out on Xbox One and PS4.

Will Medieval Dynasty Come Out On PS4 and Xbox One

This game has caught the attention of many since it is beautifully developed, and there are endless in-game possibilities. This game looks and feels like it would be very likable if it’s on a console.

Nevertheless, the thing is that nobody knows. But we have some clues which will suggest that chances are very slim that this game will make it to Xbox One and PS4.

Medieval Dynasty is developed by Toplitz Productions. In the past, we have seen with a couple of titles that they tend to release them just for PC. Titles like Lumberjack’s Dynasty, Ghost Platoon, Industry Giant 2, Transport Giant, Traffic Giant, and many others still in development are all for PC only.

That’s not to say that they don’t release games which are for Xbox and PS too. Along with support on the Nintendo Switch, they have 3-4 games for all platforms.

According to a statement made by Mathias Wunche, CEO of Toplitz Productions, the developers are looking for feedback and ideas from the community to influence the path of development for the game.

This can mean several things, but the chances are that if they see a growing interest in extending support to PS4 and Xbox One, it will most likely be done.

For now, Medieval Dynasty is only available for PC on Steam. We will have to wait and see how game development continues in the future. Also, the official platform available for Medieval Dynasty is PC only on Toplitz Productions official site.

It’s unfortunate, but all hope is not lost. A Medieval simulation game that features some RPG, survival, and strategy elements will work well for both Xbox One and PS4. Let’s hope that the developers hear the community!

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