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Despite what many WoT players believe, your settings can be a determining factor whether you have a successful mission or not. You need to setup your settings in a way that ensures success!

World of Tanks: Best Settings for PC

It’s not just World of Tanks that your settings can have a huge impact on your performance. Almost any game has settings that have a huge impact on performance. Granted, in some games, settings matter more than others, and in WoT, they definitely do.

The reason why your settings matter in World of Tanks might be due to the fact of how tactical the game really is.

Best Settings for PC – World of Tanks

We will cover the best ones that you need to alter, but it all comes down to personal preference. Some of these settings might cause more harm to you then good. So, change the ones that you can muster, or just slowly work up to it.

Without further ado, here are what are considered to be the “best” settings for PC for WoT:


  • In General, scroll down until you get to View range indicators on the Minimap. A common practice among professional players is to enable each of these. The first one will show your range based on your setup, the second will show you maximum spotting range of your vehicle, and the third one is for draw range of enemy and allied vehicles.
  • Above these settings, there is an option for “Enable Expanded Minimap Features”. Set it to always, so you can see allied and enemy tanks that have disappeared from view (their last location).
  • Scroll up a bit more, and make sure that “Horizontal stabilization in Sniper mode” is turned on. Most of the professional players use this option.
  • Also, in General, enable the feature “Display Camera direction beam on the Minimap”. When shooting with turrets, the minimap will align with you.


NOTE: These settings boil down to personal preference. But try them out and see if they fit your playstyle.

  • Central Marker Arcade: A-Shaped IV (easy to see rather than a dot, and much easier to aim with)
  • Gun Marker Arcade: Crosshair I with armor penetration. This will calculate the damage to the armor in real-time while considering all variables like angle, distance, type of vehicle, ammo, etc.
  • Aiming Arcade: Circle I with load indicator.
  • Sniper Mode: Go with a dot, since it is far more precise, and easy to see while in this mode since you’re zoomed in. Downside in arcade is that it isn’t visible as much.


  • For enemy team, make sure to turn all of these options on. It is far easier to play with them, as it can improve your decision-making.
  • As for our team, you can go with any settings that work for you. These are important as well, but not as much as those of your enemies.
  • This might surprise you, but turning all settings for Destroyed tanks is important as well.

Like I said, these settings are what higher-level players usually use. However, I’m sure that not many will be able to adapt to such changes. In those cases I recommend starting changing settings slowly, and slowly working up to all of these.

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