World of Warcraft – Shadowlands: How to Beat Watchers of Death



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There are a lot of strong enemies in the Tower of the Damned in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. One that stands out is definitely the Watchers of Death!

World of Warcraft – Shadowlands: How to Beat Watchers of Death

Slaying this boss is definitely a challenge, but based on other bosses, it shouldn’t be that hard to solo. There aren’t a lot of things that you need to be careful of, but the ones that you do need to do so, you need to do so efficiently.

Nevertheless, we will showcase his abilities, and also what to avoid, and when to interrupt. Let’s take down the Watchers of Death together!

How to Beat Watchers of Death – WoW Shadowlands

Firstly, his physical damage. Thankfully, even though he can auto attack quite a bit, this won’t deal as much damage as you might expect. However, he will definitely spend more time casting abilities, and that is what you will need to be careful of.

So, what should you avoid, and what do you need to interrupt and do to take down the Watchers of Death in Shadowlands?

Steal Vitality

You’ll see this spell being cast most frequently by this boss. It strikes all enemies withing 60 yards, and it will deal more damage, the more health that you have.

If that wasn’t enough, the Watchers of Death will also heal for the same amount of damage. This is an interruptible spell, so make sure to interrupt it as much as possible!

Fearsome Howl

Watchers of Death won’t cast this ability as much as Steal Vitality, but when he does, you should make sure that you interrupt him. It will cause shadow damage, and FEAR in characters which are within 30 yards.

If you don’t have an interrupt available stun the boss until you do, as he will continue casting once the stun is over! It doesn’t do a lot of damage but he will gain some leeway with spamming some abilities on you.

Prophecy of Death

This ability will rain down some purple puddles on the ground. It is absolutely crucial that you avoid these, as they can two or one shot you in some cases.

Prophecy of Death deals shadow damage and decreases your maximum health by 20% for 12 seconds. This ability will stack!

They’re relatively easy to dodge as they have an animation as they rain down from the sky.

Crown of Obstinance

Crown of Obstinance will allow you to decrease enemies within 15 yards casting time by 30%. If you’re planning to challenge this boss, I would recommend that you get this as well!

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