World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How To Beat Writhing Soulmass in Torghast


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It’s no secret that Twisting Corridors layer 3 boss fight is really hard. The players which are having problems are mostly close-range classes, otherwise hunters and similar can destroy the boss.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How To Beat Writhing Soulmass in Torghast

Writhing Soulmass has a unique attacking patterns and style, hence why so many players struggle to emerge victorious against it. But with the right attitude and some tips you can defeat this foul creature.

How To Beat Writhing Soulmass in Torghast – WoW Shadowlands

I would say that kiting is the most important thing when fighting this boss. The main issue is dealing with the weird explosion spells from the Writhing Soulmass.

A lot of other mobs will spawn as well, and they too have the same explosion spells. So, keeping your distance is your main priority.

They’ll stop in order to cast the explosion, so you can fortunately predict the explosions. I would say that you should dodge, then go in do some DPS and then dodge again.

Interruption could be a good strategy as well, but make sure that you interrupt all of the mobs and not just the boss. Also, make sure to always keep focus on the boss and ignore all other mobs.

Beat Writhing Soulmass Torghast wow shadowlands

Whenever you get the chance to buy smoke bombs before the boss fight, make sure to do so. You can get at least five from level 3 and level 6 before this elite fight.

When you use them, the boss will be interrupted and this is when you can DPS him down. My recommendation is to do this with a premade, but there is no shortage of cases where low iLVL solo players took down the Writhing Soulmass.

Most Important – Recap

  • Avoid all explosions, both from the Elite and the adds.
  • Keep your distance as much as possible.
  • Dodge explosion, attack elite, repeat.
  • If it’s possible to interrupt the mobs, do so while attacking it.
  • Focus only on the Elite and not the adds.
  • Buy smoke bombs before the fight. Use them to get land some good combos.
  • Premade if possible, but solo can be easily done as well.

Those are pretty much the main factors that you should focus on. Other than the explosion spells from the Writhing Soulmass, there aren’t any as annoying.

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