World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Increase your Daily Anima


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Having trouble finding all the Anima that you need? Worry not, we have a few ways with which you can increase your daily obtainable anima.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Increase your Daily Anima

Even though Shadowlands has been out for a while now, old, and new players keep struggling to find out everything about the new currency Anima, as well as how to obtain it.

As you might know, Anima is used for a lot of things in Shadowlands. You can buy gear, mounts, items, consumables, upgrading your sanctum, weekly quests, general quests, and much more.

So, there is no getting around the fact that you will need a substantial amount of Anima to survive these harsh environments. We hope to clear out the air a bit, and give you some practical ways that you can use to increase your daily Anima.

How To Increase Your Daily Anima – WoW Shadowlands

War Mode – Multiply Anima

Most of the players in WoW are walking around without War Mode activated, and that is completely fine, but you might want to utilize this mode since it will gain you 10-30% more Anima based on your faction.

This is perfect if you are question or taking down bosses. Enable it at these occasions, and you should be fine.

Rare Bosses

Download some addon like Handy Notes Shadowland which will show you all rare locations of bosses, chests, and all other points of interest. Farm rares as much as possible. Most of these are daily resets, and they will grant you a lot of Anima.

anima addon 1

Plus, some might have interesting drops as well. I recommend doing this with groups, but you can find ones which you can solo easily.

Secret Chests

Again, use the Handy Notes addon to find these chests around the map, and open them each day. For not as much work, they are very rewarding with Anima.

Some might be difficult to find as they can be underground, or within some ruins, but it is worth the search!

Calling Quest

You will get a calling quest daily, but this method is slightly RNG, as not always there will be quests with Anima rewards.

Weekly Dungeon Quests

Located below the Innkeeper in Oribox is an NPC which will give you two weekly dungeon quests. Relatively easy to do, and an additional source of Anima if you are already grinding dungeons. Expect to get around 175 Anima per quest.

weekly quests wow shadowlands

Normal and Heroic Dungeons

I didn’t mention this way before because most of the players are already geared and not many go to dungeons. However, if you are searching for legendries or want a bit of extra Anima, this will get you 35 Anima on each run!

Level 60 Dungeons

The level 60 dungeons will give you a quest which if finished, will get you a whopping 750 Anima. This can be done in any level 60 dungeon.

Nonetheless, there is a huge drawback. These kinds of quests are only a one-time thing.

There are other things you can do for increasing your daily Anima in Shadowlands but, this is practically all you need to get you a good amount per day!

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