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It seems like Xbox is venturing into other categories of electronics. Yup, there is an Xbox Mini Fridge now. While it may seem bizarre, it actually looks pretty sick. It has the appearance of the Xbox Series X, but instead of raw gaming power, it has raw cooling power for your drinks, any time you game. But what’s the price for this Xbox Mini Fridge? Well, let’s talk a bit about it.

Xbox Mini Fridge | What's The Price?

What’s The Price of the Xbox Mini Fridge?

The fact that Microsoft, who owns Xbox is venturing into mini-fridges was a known fact for quite some time. It was revealed back in November of 2020, but people didn’t think much of it. One thing is for certain though, it was a surprise.

After that, some time passed, until Microsoft announced that the mini-fridge would be hitting the shelves in the holiday season of 2021. That was during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 event this year.

So, what’s the price of the Xbox Mini Fridge? Unfortunately, the price for the Xbox Mini Fridge is still unknown. There is not much official information about such details, but many are speculating that it would be around $200-$300 per unit.

This of course, is pure speculation, and shouldn’t be taken as a known fact.

However, the speculations do hold water. After all, it doesn’t make sense for the Xbox Mini Fridge to cost more than an actual gaming console, for example the Xbox Series X, from which it is trying to capture the appearance.

Whatever the case may be, there is some hype for this fridge weirdly enough. Some gamers have other mini-fridges next to their gaming stations, and how sick would it be to have a mini-fridge that looks like an Xbox?

Any way you look at it, it just makes sense, and there is no other way to go about it. But it seems like this mini-fridge will be packing some cooling power, since it is marketed as the most-powerful mini-fridge.

There isn’t any official information about preorders as well, so we will have to sit tight and see how the process goes over the following months.

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