5 Best Animal Farms To Build in Minecraft


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The world of Minecraft is filled with all sorts of different mobs. There are living beings roaming about in the overworld—whether realistic or magical. Minecraft almost has it all. This not only makes the game more interesting, but it also makes it more immersive and interactive for players, especially for the ones who play in survival game mode in Minecraft. These AI-driven entities—or mobs for short—can interact with the player differently. Each has a unique interaction towards the player being either passive, neutral, or hostile. They can also prove useful for the players by using the mob-exclusive items they drop when they are killed to craft needed materials for survival.

5 Best Animal Farms To Build in Minecraft

A few mobs are quite rare in Minecraft, and most players rarely encounter them in their adventures. But every mob has its unique location in which these mobs can only spawn in that particular biome, such as polar bears in icy biomes and horses in plains and savannah biomes. With all things considered, it is best for a player playing in survival mode to build their own animal farm and breed them back at their base to lessen the hassle of traveling and collecting the mob’s loot, especially a rare one. Players can opt to build an automatic farm where breeding and collecting materials can be done with a button click or make a manual animal farm. The player must personally breed these animals and harvest their drops whenever they want. Whichever one the player chooses, both can be just as useful in survival. With that said, here are the top 5 picks for the best animal farms that players can build in a survival game mode in Minecraft.

5. Sheep Farm

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Sheep are very common passive mobs that players can find almost anywhere in the overworld of Minecraft. They are essential mobs that players can harvest mutton and wool from. But unfortunately, the sheep that players encounter will likely only have the six primary wool colors: white, black, light gray, gray, pink, and brown. Most of the sheep that players will find have white wool as this is the most common color of a sheep, with a spawn rate of 82%. Other uncommon wool colors such as light gray, gray, and black each have a 5% spawn rate per sheep, while the brown-colored sheep may likely spawn at only 3% of the time. The rarest color of a naturally-spawned sheep may have pink wool but with only a spawn rate of 0.164%. And for this matter, a player must build a sheep farm and dye each sheep with different colored dyes to obtain their respective colored wool. This is also the only way to obtain all wool colors in survival mode normally. Wool can then be crafted into different materials such as beds and carpets—making this very useful later on in the game.

4. Pack Of Wolves

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As most players already know, wolves were added to the game and are currently treated as the “dogs” of Minecraft. Just as the saying goes: Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are well known for their loyalty to the player once they are tamed and will protect them from anyone who harms them. And what’s more, they can easily breed and heal back their health when fed with meat. Unfortunately, they will only spawn inside forests, taigas, groves, old-growth taigas, and snowy taiga biomes, including the respective variants of each of these biomes. As such, players who want to have more faithful companions and tame more than one wolf should opt to breed them out by building a wolf’s den in their base. Provide two of them with some bone that skeletons drop and breed a wolf pup. Do this repeatedly, and you will likely have yourself a wolf army to defend you at all times and protect your base as well.

3. Chicken Coop

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Chickens are another common passive mob that players can breed and farm for loot. They will drop feathers and raw chicken when killed, while occasionally drop eggs when kept alive. Breeding them is easy as they will accept any seed as food and produce chicks upon breeding. You may also throw the eggs that you collect from them on the ground to hatch chicks as the eggs have a 1/8 chance of spawning a chick when broken. A great thing about making a chicken coop is that they can breed by throwing the eggs alone if you do not have any seeds at the moment. Players can also use their drops such as feathers to make arrows for combat and raw chicken meat as food for hunger sustenance and keep your health bar full. Overall, a chicken coop is widely a good sustainable farm for your base, especially in survival mode.

2. Pig Pen

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Pigs are one of the most important passive mobs in Minecraft widely farmed because of their meat. Pigs will drop 1 to 3 raw pork chops when killed depending on the looting enchantment imbued in a player’s weapon, which adds one additional raw pork chop per increased level of the looting enchantment for a maximum total of 6 raw pork chops. When the player smelts the raw pork chop in a furnace or smoker, it will turn into a cooked pork chop, one of the best available food items players can consume to restore health and hunger saturation. Cooked pork chop is similar to steak, which is obtainable from cows. A single cooked pork chop can restore eight hunger points and 12.8 hunger saturation. It is one of the best food options for players who are in combat or consuming much stamina from working. Pig pens are widely one of the most useful Minecraft builds for players, and it is a must-have near their base.

1. Cow Farm

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Cow farm is likely the one farm that survival game mode players must have in their base. Cows are primarily used as a food source as they drop raw beef when killed. A single cow can drop 1 to 3 raw beef randomly, but when a weapon with the Looting III enchantment is used, they can drop up to 6 raw beef, similar to a pig dropping raw pork chop. And just like a raw pork chop when cooked, raw beef becomes steak and restores the same amount of hunger points and hunger saturation points with a cooked pork chop which makes this equally useful for restoring health in combat and when working. Cows are not only a source of meat, but they are also a source of leather. Leather in Minecraft is mainly used to create leather armor. And although leather armor is not very sturdy compared to its ore-based armor counterparts, for a player who is simply starting their survival game in Minecraft, wearing leather armor is the best and most optimal solution to protect themselves. Another great thing about wearing leather armor is that the armor itself can be dyed with all sorts of different colors, making this not only a good armor for beginners but fashionable for players as well. Overall, cows are one of the most useful passive mobs in the game and should be utilized by the player well through building a cow farm somewhere near their base.

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