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If you want to build your dream house in Minecraft, here are 5 of the best blocks for building and getting them.

5 Best Building Blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where a player’s imagination can run wild and free, and thus, the game can be played how the player wants to. Minecraft can become a survival experience for players seeking to conquer the game or a place where players are free to create anything and everything.

But one thing is for sure: sooner or later, players will build something during their gameplay. And whether it is a simple square box big enough to be a temporary hideout or a large mansion filled with hundreds of furniture, players will build their base.

Newbies and veterans alike will have a fun time collecting and creating structures from scratch, and they will surely enjoy the endless possibilities in the game. Lucky for us, the game offers players a wide variety of blocks to choose from so that players can build almost anything to their heart’s desire.

And while the number of blocks is up to the player’s discretion, some blocks work almost too well when used in certain themed builds. We have listed down the top 5 blocks that work wonders in builds, and use them to create the base of your dreams.

Top 5 Blocks for Building in Minecraft

1. Wooden Planks

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Wooden planks are, by far, considered the most important blocks in the game. From planks, you can create necessities such as crafting tables, sticks, boats, doors, wooden sets of tools, etc. It is no wonder that wooden planks are essential to the game and can be used as more than just an ingredient for crafting recipes.

Using planks as your main building block is highly plausible since you can almost literally farm wood in any biome except the desert. And on the plus side, planks come in different kinds and colors, such as slightly pink jungle planks and acacia planks orange.

Easily available and aesthetically pleasing, wooden planks are the best block available to all players. This makes wooden planks a good block for building as they can blend well with almost any structure. Wooden planks can also be your main foundation block, incorporating them into wooden builds such as cottages and log houses.

2. Stones & Bricks

modern house

As one of the most common blocks in the game, aside from wooden planks, stones and bricks come up as our second-best option if you are planning to build a basic type of base. When players break stones from mining, they are automatically harvested as cobblestones instead of stones.

However, when players smelt cobblestones in a furnace, the cobblestone become restored into stones. And since cobblestones aren’t pleasing to look at, players can use stones in their builds instead. This allows for more modern builds and creations as stones blend incredibly well with any structure with a modern look.

Overall, stones and bricks are decent blocks for building structures and bases. Bricks can easily be crafted on a crafting table and are great for builds such as castles and towers. Aside from stones, players can also use bricks if they want to build a structure that has a medieval feel.

3. Stained Glass

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We all know that Glass is not the best block to build with, but Glass has more uses than most of us do not know. Glass can be crafted into glass panes that players can use to create windows and glass walls. You can create stained glass panes and choose different designs with glass windows, such as those glass panes you often see in churches and castles. Aside from typical window designs, stained glass can be a foundation block in Glass builds like aquariums and glass aviaries. Overall, stained Glass has so much potential to become a building block that you can not allow it to pass by.

4. Leaves

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We will bet some of you never even thought about leaves as a decorative block, mainly because most players do not know they can even be harvested. Leaves, just like wooden planks, come from trees and have different colors depending on the kind of tree they grow from. Although different, each kind of leaf block varies by the shade of green of the biome they are spawned in.

To harvest leaves on a tree, you need to use a pair of shears on the leaves. This will allow the block of leaves to drop as an item while being able to collect a few sticks and apples that occasionally drop with them. Once you have harvested a few blocks of leaves, you can use them in your base as decorations. Leaves make great potted plants in your home and can act as bushes around your house.

The possibilities of leaves as decorations are endless. And if you want to incorporate them as part of your house foundation, leaves can be placed near rooftops to create an aesthetic spring-themed home. Aside from your base, leaves can also be used to create wall bushes to replicate the idea of a garden maze.

5. Terracotta & Glazed Terracotta

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Terracotta is a colored block that can be obtained in the badlands biome. Terracotta blocks are great for building houses and structures as they are colorful and sturdy. Formed from clay and as sturdy as stone, players will have many things to create with the 16 different terracotta colors. When smelted in a furnace, a terracotta block turns into a glazed terracotta. This will create various colored patterns around the block, and the shade turns into a vibrant color. Glazed terracotta can be used in different creations as the patterns it forms when placed next to each other will make great furniture sets and designs.

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