5 Best Ring Combinations in Stardew Valley


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Learn about the best ring combinations in Stardew Valley!

5 Best Ring Combinations in Stardew Valley

Most games have equipable accessories like pendants, bracers, and talismans, which have passive traits that can aid you in exploring dungeons or fighting enemies. But in Stardew Valley, the only accessory items with special abilities you will ever get are the Rings.

Fortunately, a couple of Rings can give you a significant advantage in combat. A Ring is something you should not underestimate, however small its size. You can now fuse rings to create stronger rings since the 1.5 update. In Stardew Valley, we call this Combining Rings, and this is what this ring combination guide will cover.

Acquiring Rings

Since there are not many Rings you can obtain in the game, they are challenging. But there are a handful of different ways you can acquire Rings, which are listed below:

Exploring Dungeons: Getting rare loot from enemies is a prominent method in Stardew Valley. Rings are commonly dropped from monsters dwelling on floors 1 to 40 in the Mines and the Skull Cavern. Barrels and crates found in dungeons will also sometimes contain Rings. Also, watch for Rare Chests in the Volcano Dungeon that may include these Rings.

Completing Bundles: Finishing the Night Fishing Bundle and Adventurer’s Bundle in the Community Center will also provide some Rings.

Doing Quests: Rings are rewarded in the Adventurer’s Guild after completing story quests and Monster Eradication Goals.

Purchasing: After you acquire a reward from the Adventurer’s Guild, you can purchase them again from Marlon’s Shop—just in case you lose them. There are also other Rings you can buy from Marlon without needing to fulfill quests.

Crafting: As you reach specific Combat or Mining skill levels, you will be granted the ability and recipes to craft various Rings.

Fishing Treasure Chests: You can improve at hauling in Treasure Chests as you increase your Fishing skill level. Treasure Chests may sometimes carry Rings, so equip your Treasure Hunter tackle to boost your chance of getting them.

5 Best Ring Combinations in Stardew Valley

CombiningRings Forging

The Volcano Forge machine can let you upgrade and add enchantments to your gear. In addition to that, you can merge two rings and their traits, making a Combined Ring. Combining two Rings in the Forge will require at least 20 Cinder Shards.

You can have a field day using the Forge to upgrade your equipment as much as possible, but trying different combinations can quickly exhaust your Cinder Shards. So, to lessen your worries, here are some of the best Ring Combinations we recommend you use.

5. Savage Ring + Vampire Ring

CombiningRings SavageRingCombiningRings plusCombiningRings VampireRing

You can get a Savage Ring from the Adventurer’s Guild after slaying 150 Void Spirits. The Savage Ring raises your agility for 3 seconds after defeating a monster. If you find yourself stranded on enemy-infested floors, this ring can help you escape a horde of monsters.

The Vampire Ring incorporates a regeneration system you can use when you get overrun with monsters. Every time you kill an enemy, you replenish 2 of your health points. Gil from the Adventurer’s Guild can give you this item after defeating 200 Bats.

CombiningRings SavageVampire

Savage Ring and Vampire Ring are exciting because both have abilities that only take effect whenever you kill enemies. One can hasten your movement, and the other can gradually restore your health. If you have two of these Rings in your stash, combining them and using them to your advantage will not hurt.

4. Hot Java Ring + Burglar’s Ring

CombiningRings HotJavaRingCombiningRings plusCombiningRings BurglarsRing

One of the Rings you can acquire from Rare Chests found in the Volcano Dungeon is the Hot Java Ring. This Ring can increase your luck in getting Coffee and Triple Shot Espressos whenever you slay enemies. Coffee is a great help in boosting your speed, making it easier for you to traverse in dungeons.

The Burglar’s Ring is another item you can get as a reward in the Adventurer’s Guild. You will obtain the Ring after killing 500 Dust Sprites. While the Burgler’s Ring is equipped, you can get loot from monsters twice.

CombiningRings HotJavaBurlgar

Both Rings are best when hunting monsters for rare resources or treasures. Apart from getting twice the amount of loot from wearing a Burglar’s Ring, you can also farm plenty of Coffee and Triple Shot Espressos. Stacks of speed-enhancing drinks are best because we all know that the faster you move in this game, the less likely you will collapse from sleep deprivation outside the farm and lose some of your earnings.

3. Warrior Ring + Lucky Ring

CombiningRings WarriorsRingCombiningRings plusCombiningRings LuckyRing

The Warrior Ring is a craftable item you can make once you learn its crafting recipe at Combat Level 4. You can craft this Ring with 10 Iron Bars, 25 pieces of Coal, and 10 Frozen Tears. The Warrior Ring’s wearer will have a high possibility of getting an attack increase after killing an enemy.

The Lucky Ring is a unique item you can get from enemies lurking in the Skull Cavern or the Quarry Mine. The odds of getting a Lucky Ring are pretty low. But if you manage to bag it, you will gain a bit of luck whenever you equip the Lucky Ring.

CombiningRings WarriorLucky

The Lucky Ring can merge with any Ring with chance-based buffs. It can help increase the efficacy of the Warrior’s Ring, thus enhancing the likelihood of gaining attack power each time you defeat a monster.

2. Phoenix Ring + Iridium Band

CombiningRings plusCombiningRings IridiumBand

The Phoenix Ring can allow you to retain some of your health even after getting knocked out by monsters. The ring’s power may only work once a day, but it is still somewhat valuable as it will allow you to save yourself from fainting and losing a lot of progress. You can spot this Ring inside Rare Chests in the Volcano Dungeon.

The Iridium Band is what you get if you combine the traits of a Glow Ring, a Magnet Ring, and a Ruby Ring. The wearer of the Ring can cast light, magnetize enemy drops, and gain an increase in attack—a handy item to have when you are diving deep in perilous dungeons. You can make the Iridium Band after reaching Combat Level 9. To craft this item, you must have five Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essences, and 50 Void Essences. The Iridium Band combines three Rings, so merging it with a Ring that can bring you back to life will serve you well in the long run.

1. Napalm Ring + Slime Charmer Ring

CombiningRings NapalmRingCombiningRings plusCombiningRings SlimeCharmerRing

The Napalm Ring is a reward item you can get from Gil, and this is after completing the Monster Eradication Goal of slaying 250 Serpents. The user of this Ring can make enemies explode upon defeating them, obliterating every other object in the way.

CombiningRings SlimeCharmerNapalm

Nothing is worse in this game than being pounded by hordes of enemies while Slimes inflict you with status debuffs. If you do not like being surrounded by Slimes on monster-infested levels, it is best to get a Slime Charmer Ring. This Ring can block any debuff or damage caused by Slimes.

You must slay 1,000 Slimes first to acquire this reward item from the Adventurer’s Guild. Having immunity to Slime attacks and making boulders around you explode without consuming bombs with just a few swishes of your blade will guarantee to make dungeon diving easier.

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