5 Structures in Minecraft That Need New Update in 2023


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Minecraft’s near-endless world keeps generating more and more excitement for the players as they explore and travel.

5 Structures in Minecraft That Need New Update in 2023

The world also creates several different structures in all three realms, encouraging players to explore it even more. Some of these structures spawn different kinds of mobs and even have special loot present in chests.

With this new idea, some of the structures will receive certain features, boost the players to play the game and make them interesting once again. On the other hand, some structures will always help in terms of usage.

The number of generated structures in Minecraft has increased recently, giving players new places to explore and find suitable and better loot.

However, while some structures have excelled, others have somewhat languished in obscurity. Mojang does not plan to make every structure in the game overwhelmingly helpful for players, as this adds excitement and challenge.

When it comes to Minecraft builds, these structures on the list deserve more makeovers, and a few should take precedence in the game.

1. Igloos

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Igloos are structures found in Minecraft’s colder biomes, specifically Snowy Plains, Snowy Taigas, and Snowy Slopes.

They are considered one of the safest shelters as they house a bed, a furnace, and a crafting table, making them good places to sleep overnight if you can not return to your actual home before nightfall. It is commonly made of snow blocks, and igloos are frigid hideaways in snowy biomes.

These cute ice huts can occasionally contain basements and mostly have a complete set, such as a brewing stand, cauldrons, and loot chests among the occasional caged and zombie villagers. Knowingly, something shady is afoot in these igloos, but we never quite know what or why.

There may be some ways Mojang can expand on this mystery without directly giving it away. The game would not have to explain the strange experiments below the surface of igloos.

But there are interesting ways to make things more intriguing. Commonly, the developers could greatly reward the players for discovering the basement.

2. Ocean ruins

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Minecraft’s Ocean Ruins, also known as Underwater Ruins, are common building structures that can be found exclusively on the seabed of ocean biomes.

They are typically made of stone bricks and chiseled stone blocks, although warm oceans will make them out of sandstone instead. They should be cautiously approached as they always have one or two drowns guarding them.

Another common factor is that Ocean Ruins will always have a chest, either a small one or a large one. They can contain coal, gold nuggets, and emeralds. These loot chests also have a chance to contain a buried treasure explorer map which will often lead you to a nearby buried treasure chest.

Oceans got a substantial facelift in Minecraft’s Aquatic update, leading to the arrival of ocean ruins, ocean monuments, and more.

Ocean Monuments is one of the most exciting places in the game, complete with its awesome mobs and amazing blocks like the sponge that can not be acquired elsewhere in survival mode.

This has left ocean ruins somewhat lacking by comparison, though they do have decent blocks and items stashed away. Since Mojang is releasing different features in Minecraft soon, it might be time for Mojang to add some ancient blocks, items, or other features to ocean ruins to make them more exciting and comparable in high quality to ocean monuments.

New mobs can even be introduced to make these ruins more dangerous since the occasional drowning doesn’t feel life-threatening for most players.

3. Swamp Huts

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Minecraft’s Swamp Huts, known as Witch Huts, are generated structures in swamp biomes. They are oak structures that rest on stilts in the swamp’s waters, meaning you’ll have to place down blocks to get up to them.

Swamp Huts will always spawn with a witch and a black cat inside, the former of which will attack you by throwing potions. Witches will respawn here at night, making these structures poor choices for converting into homes.

Witch huts are quite known as the homes of witches in Minecraft, but aside from that, that is about all witch huts have going for them, which is somewhat disappointing given that witches are supposed to be masters of magic and alchemy.

At the very least, introducing a brewing stand or enchanting table might make a witch hut better. Possessing some bookshelves or loot chests containing potion-brewing ingredients would also help. It wouldn’t take much to make witch huts feel more significant, but they are not worth hunting down in their current state.

4. Nether Fossils

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Nether fossils can be found in Minecraft’s soul sand valleys within the Nether dimension; these fossils are likely the same as their Overworld counterparts.

Some players have always wondered what these massive bone-like buildings may have been. Even if Mojang does not want to code and create an entirely new mob to explain the question, some of this could leave clues in the form of blocks or items.

Providing and using some sort of alternative use for Nether fossils would also be awesome. The bone blocks can also create bone meals, but it is hardly the most effective way. Nether fossils do not have a good trade or use to offer high-quality ores like Overworld fossils, which can be useful and yield multiple resources in Minecraft.

Maybe an ancient debris block or two can make these strange boney structures more worthwhile to obtain.

5. Desert Pyramids

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Desert Pyramids can be Found in desert biomes. Desert pyramids have some upsides as they contain a few loot chests, some hidden secrets, and one major trap that can cause plenty of pain when set off. But compared to the pyramids seen in the real world, these in-game depictions are non-comparable. Aside from a few secret rooms, a trap, and some loot, there isn’t much to desert pyramids. Perhaps Mojang could add passages, hidden hallways, and more traps to desert pyramids to give the players a more challenging and exciting experience, like those we see in the real world. Considering archeology is arriving in Minecraft’s Trails & Tales update, the developers could add some new dangers or artifacts to these structures’ features. Pottery shards are already being added to desert pyramids.

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