Stardew Valley: How to Complete the “Extended Family” Quest


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In Mr. Qi’s Extended Family quest, you will be asked to catch the relatives of the five Legendary Fish, which are scarce fish found in specific spots in Stardew Valley. Here’s what you need to do to complete this task.

Stardew Valley: How to Complete the

One of the most challenging aspects of a relaxing farming sim like Stardew Valley is fishing. Catching all the elusive legendary fish (and their extended family) can add difficulty to the craft.

But it is necessary to complete your fish collection and gain fishing proficiency. And, of course, successfully fulfilling Mr. Qi’s whims will also earn you Qi Gems! For most, the fishing mini-game is quite enjoyable, but it takes a lot of practice to master.

Quest Prerequisites

Fragments GingerIsland

Mr. Qi will only give you three days to complete this challenge. You can only encounter the quest on Mr. Qi’s Special Order Board found inside his Walnut Room. 

You need to unlock Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room before you can access his special quests. After gathering 100 Golden Walnuts, he will allow you to enter his hidden room west of Ginger Island.

Players who haven’t yet been to Ginger Island can head to this link to learn how to get there.

Completing the Extended Family Quest

“Family members of the legendary fish have returned to the valley. You have three days to catch Ms. Angler, Glacierfish Jr., Son of Crimsonfish, Radioactive Carp, and Legend II.”

You may find this quest tough because you’ll be required to catch five fish in three days. You can complete this quest easily if you are equipped with high angling skills and some top-of-the-line tools.

Best Ways to Level up Your Fishing Skill

EF Perfect

The best and most effective way to max out your fishing skill is to fish as much as possible. Those who find the mini-game tricky can unfortunately not avoid fishing if they want to progress in the game, but players may refer to the tips below to learn the easiest ways to level up their fishing skills fast.

Use the Training Rod

Players can use the Training Rod to practice fishing. This is especially useful for beginners who want to get used to the mini-game controls and mechanics.

The difference between a regular rod and a Training Rod is that while you equip the latter, your fishing skill raises to Level 5, and your green bar becomes longer in the mini-game. It makes it easier to trap the fish as it tries to slip away from you.

Since it only sets your fishing skill to level 5, it becomes useless once you get to that level. Aside from that, the Training Rod will only allow you to catch basic or normal quality fish. You can gain experience points while using it like your average fishing rod, but you can’t reel in gold or iridium quality fish with the Training Rod.

Thankfully, the Fishing Rod comes in very cheap. For only 25g, you can purchase it from Willy’s Shop on the Pelican Town beach.

Fish in Bubbly Water

It’s easier and less time-consuming to stay in one area when fishing. But moving to another place to fish is required to catch different types of fish. When scoping for a good place to fish, look for bubbles in the water, as you’ll be able to catch fish quicker in these spots. Fishing zones with sparkling bubbles mostly have high-quality or rare fish.

Perfect your Catch

Once you get used to the mechanics of the fishing mini-game, you can try to fish perfectly by keeping the fish icon inside the green bar without letting it slip out once. Doing this will earn you more experience points and high-quality fish.

You may also read our guide here to learn about fishing strategies and which tackle to catch fish effectively.

Where to Find All the Legendary Fish (And their Extended Family)

Players who have caught the five legendary fish (Angler, Crimsonfish, Mutant Carp, Glacierfish, and Legend) before may already know where they can find their family.

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But for those who are on a hunt for these rare fish for the first time, you must know that most legendary fish can only spawn in specific weather and seasons. Players must also be at a certain fishing skill level to catch the legendary, as they can only spawn a few meters away from land.

The relatives of the initial legendary fish can spawn at any weather, time of day, and season as long as the quest is active. 

Below you can find all the locations where you can locate the legendary fish and their extended family.

Angler and Ms. Angler

EF Ang

The Angler and Mrs. Angler can be found in the river around the thin, wooden bridge in the northeast corner of Pelican Town. It is recommended for players to be at Fishing Level 3 to catch them. Although, you can eat food items that can boost your fishing proficiency temporarily, like Dish o’ the Sea or Trout Soup.

The Angler can only be fished in Fall, whereas its spouse can be caught in any season.

Crimsonfish and Son of Crimsonfish

EF Crim

The Crimsonfish and the Son of Crimsonfish can be caught at Pelican Town Beach. But before getting to the Crimsonfish’s habitat, you must repair the broken bridge on the far east side of the beach. The broken bridge can be fixed with 300 pieces of Wood.

You can fish in the ocean near the tide pools. They only spawn in deeper zones, so you need to get to Level 6 in fishing to catch them. You can also consume food buffs that help you increase your fishing skill temporarily.

The legendary fish can only appear in Summer, while its son can spawn all year round.

Mutant Carp and Radioactive Carp

EF RadioactiveCarp

To catch the Mutant Carp or Radioactive Carp, you must first gain access to Pelican Town’s sewers. The Sewers can be unlocked once you get the Rusty Key, which Gunther gives after you donate 60 items to the museum. 

The Mutant Carp and Radioactive Carp can be caught in any season and don’t require a certain fishing level skill. They can be caught anywhere in the water in the sewers.

Glacierfish and Glacierfish Jr.

EF Glac

One of the most slippery legendary fish in the game is the Glacierfish. Both Glacierfish and Glacierfish Jr. can be found in Cindersap Forest. To get there, head south and look for the pointy land surrounded by the river.

You can stand on the bottom-most part of the terrain and fish for the legendaries here. The Crimsonfish can only spawn three spaces or tiles away from the land. Therefore, you can only catch it if you’ve reached Fishing Level 5 or consumed food items that give you fishing buffs. It would help if you equip a Curiosity Lure fish tackle to elevate your chances of catching rare fish.

Unlike the Glacierfish Jr. that appears all year round, The Glacierfish only becomes available in Winter at any time of day.

Legend and Legend II

EF Leg

The Legend is arguably the hardest legendary fish to catch as it spawns far from the surface, so you must go on a grind to reach Level 10 in fishing. However, as mentioned above, consuming food with fishing buffs can expand your casting line and stretch your fishing bar longer.

Use the Curiosity Lure to boost your chances of snagging legendary fish or the Cork Bobber to make your fishing bar longer. You can also equip the Trap Bobber to decrease the progress bar, which displays how long before the fish escapes.

Both Legend and Legend II can be located in the Mountain Lakes. The Legend will only appear in Spring when it’s rainy.

Quest Rewards

EF Reward

After catching all five requested items, you will acquire 20 Qi Gems, which may not be a lot, but the plus side is that this quest is repeatable. 

Unlike their relatives, the original batch of legendary fish can only be caught once per playthrough, which will respawn each time you accept the quest.

You can use the Qi Gems you earn to buy Magic Bait. This bait lets you hook and catch all kinds of fish, even if they are out of season.

And that is all you need to do to complete the Extended Family quest. More fun and challenging quests are waiting to be fulfilled in Stardew Valley, so take on more quests to earn more valuable rewards!

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