5 Unexpected Features To Be Added in Minecraft 1.20


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The Minecraft 1.20 update is one of the strangest and most exciting updates the community has looked forward to in months. It does not have an official theme as its announced features are already playable in the game, and most of its features are still behind curtain updates.

5 Unexpected Features To Be Added in Minecraft 1.20

As per the game developers, this update is supposed to be a result of them learning from their mistakes from past updates, especially Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update.

But how does that affect you and the future of the game? Let’s find out while uncovering some of the most amazing new features, leaks, speculations, and all the exciting information around the Minecraft 1.20 update.

Minecraft’s 1.20 update has been speculated for months, but more information arrived on March 2, 2023. According to Mojang’s official YouTube channel for the title, the update will be known as the “Trails & Tales” update.

It will focus more on self-expression and the ability for game players to share memorable and exciting game moments with the community as stories.

Thanks to the released snapshot and preview programs for Java and Bedrock Editions in the newest features update.

Minecraft players have already played some of a few latest features in the 1.20 update. The developers added the sniffer, archeology, cherry grove biomes, and many more.

The developers have experimented with these programs for more interesting and exciting gameplay in Minecraft.

1. Smithing Template Cloning

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Image Source: Udisen / Youtube

Smithing Templates are one of the most exciting and interesting features in the Minecraft 1.20 update, and the developers are changing the game in the best way possible.

Whether you want to find Netherite and use it or just want to look the best in your gear, these templates now affect everything. 

While the release of smithing templates in Minecraft has been hailed by players for the most part, many were not expecting them and worry that these rare items would have to be re-looted after use.

However, this is a different case for this feature in the game. The players can clone their smithing templates by using diamonds for the common materials that make up to build the templates and the templates themselves.

This keeps Minecraft players from having to repeatedly plumb the depths of generated structures to find new awesome templates once they possess and expended. As long as the players have one template, they can continue to clone it as much as they like as long as they have the common materials for the recipe to craft them.

2. Reworked Netherite Upgrades

image 2023 03 16 023500130
Image Source: TyZer / Youtube

When the armor trimming was released, some Minecraft community loved and liked it. The upcoming release of smithing templates announced for controversial change is one of the things that many players didn’t see coming.

A netherite upgrade template became necessary because it is now required to upgrade diamond gear into netherite instead of simply using netherite ingots. Mojang released that this change was made to make the diamond and netherite gear feel more significant when obtaining the materials.

But, some players still believe it’s more of a hindrance to the development process than any positive change. There is still time before Minecraft’s release for Trails & Tales, so Mojang may still change the netherite upgrade template for more interesting and unique ways of using it before version 1.20 is officially released.

3. Smithing Table Redesign

image 2023 03 16 023815281
Image Source: JayDeeMC / Youtube

The smithing table’s design has been changed to include the new in-game smithing template features items in Minecraft 1.20.

This useful block is no longer solely used for upgrading equipment. Thanks to the advent of smithing templates, the smithing table in Trails & Tales can be used to upgrade for more efficiency and make the diamond gear into netherite and create newly-introduced armor trims items.

Smithing templates are now the main block materials that make the smithing table tick. Players will also need to search them out in generated structures to use the new functions of the blocks.

4. New Pyramid Rooms

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Image Source: wattles / Youtube

In the latest Minecraft betas to be released, some players can experience the exciting archeology gameplay in desert wells and pyramids and many more feature updates.

Some fans might not know that pyramids have been changed to specifically account for the release of archeology in the Trails & Tales update. Suspicious and is currently the main block of the game.

The aspiring archeologist players of this game need to find and collect rare artifacts. For this reason, Mojang added a hidden room in desert pyramids containing mostly sand and suspicious sand for more exciting and awesome things to do.

Suspicious sand can be found elsewhere around pyramids; adding this hidden room should be a huge help for players who want to experiment with archeology to a significant degree and to obtain rare items from this newest feature in the game.

5. Piglin Heads

image 2023 03 16 024023482
Image Source: AdamChromeE / Youtube

In Minecraft, a piglin head is a new item introduced in Minecraft 1.20. It is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game.

With new content additions to this game, one inclusion about piglins has flown somewhat under the radar.

In the 1.20 update, piglins who will die occasionally drop their heads, increasing the number of collectible head mobs you can obtain in Survival Mode.

But the piglin head is not just a decorative block. It can also be placed on a note block and recreate piglin sounds when the note block is powered, and many more things to do about this item.

When the piglin head is used by redstone or equipped to a player, it will even animate as if it were still alive in the game.

Minecraft players don’t have to wait long to try for themselves and so many feature updates, as Mojang Studios is testing the feature with the latest Minecraft Java Edition snapshot.

The new, experimental Minecraft 1.20 feature will also come to other platforms via the Minecraft Preview shortly.

This future update will likely be changed by the developer over time with the community feedback. Still, the feature in its current state should be relatively stable and polished, as per Mojang Studios’ updated strategy for implementing new Minecraft features in the game.

Minecraft is hands-down one of the best and most exciting survival PC games you can play, and it’s awesome to see its next major content update continue to evolve with new impressive, and interesting features.

Mojang Studios is still keeping many updates close to its belt, and this feature should be an exciting addition for players. If you’re interested, you can test out the feature in Minecraft soon.

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