8 Mirage B-site Smokes You Should Know


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Mirage’s B-site is home to the most famous tactic known to CSGO; the B-site Rush.

8 Mirage B-site Smokes You Should Know

Mirage’s B-site is arguably the more accessible site to take in Mirage for two reasons; B-site usually only has two CT players on-site, and CT players rotating from both Jungle and A-site will be forced to take a choke point towards B-site through Market. A B-rush tactic is common for T-side because of the apparent numbers advantage.

By the time the CT players make it to Market, the T players will already have the stronger angles and positions (assuming T-side has successfully taken B-site control)

This all sounds nice and easy in theory. In reality, though, one of the entryways to B-site (Apartments) is also a chokepoint that is easy to defend for CT players.

Learning a few essential smokes is crucial in ensuring that you and your teammates make it to B-site safely. Lucky you, we will be learning a few of them today.

The CSGO Smoke Grenade


The Smoke Grenade is an incredibly valuable piece of utility in CSGO that is often used to block off enemy sightlines and angles within a bomb site. It is a powerful tool that can help your team enter and take control of bomb sites with ease.

The smoke grenade bounces a few times before it detonates. The number of times a smoke grenade bounces before it settles is dictated by the angle and the type of throw the player employs (right-click/left-click/jump-throw.)

4 11

Another great use for the CSGO Smoke Grenade is thawing out Incendiary Grenades or Molotovs. When thrown directly at Molotovs or Incendiary grenades, the Smoke Grenade acts as an instant fire-extinguisher for the ensuing fires.

The CSGO Smoke Grenades can be purchased within the buy period for 300 credits. The Smoke Grenade can cover a large enough area that blocks player vision during site entry and defense when placed in the ideal locations.

Since the recent major update to CSGO, unused grenades can now be dropped and picked up by any player in-game.

1. Mirage B-site – Market Window Smoke

1 12

The first smoke for today is a classic Market window smoke for B-site.

Market Window is a crucial spot to smoke off since it is common for CT-side AWP players. CT-side AWP players can easily pick off players from B-Apartments and even Van from the Market’s safety.

Fortunately, a Market smoke lineup from Back Alley is straightforward and quite repeatable. There is no reason to skip this smoke when attempting a B-site take.

  1. Go to this corner at Back Alley:
image 54

2. Turn around and look up towards the tall tower:

5 10

3. Aim for this corner on the tower:

image 55

4. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 56

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land inside or just around the Market Window:

6 11

2. Mirage B-site – Market Entrance Smoke

2 11

To completely seal off the CT-side’s direct access to B-site, a tandem smoke for Market (Market Window + Market Entrance) is a must.

The CSGO C4 will tick for 45 seconds before it finally detonates, while a Smoke Grenade lasts for 18 seconds. A successful smoke execution for Market will buy the T-side enough time to plant and defend the bomb from the CT players.

Here is a quick and easy smoke for Market Entrance with that in mind.

  1. Go to the same corner as the Market Window Smoke Lineup:
7 14

2. Look towards the same tower:

8 7

3. Aim for the top of this window on the tower:

image 57

4. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade:

image 59

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should eventually settle inside of the Market Entrance:

image 58

3. Mirage B-site – Bench Smoke

3 12

Along with the Van, Bench is another common spot that CT players tend to occupy on B-site.

CT players can easily use the Bench wall to crouch and hide from T-players. In lower elo, a more experienced CT player can get away with a few easy kills on unsuspecting T-players.

image 49

From Bench, CT players have a great angle towards Apartments to work with. Since the Apartment Entrance is a choke point, T-side players can easily fall victim to a spray down from B-Bench.

This quick and easy smoke lineup for B-Bench can help make sure that does not happen, and your teammates can enter B-site from Apartments safely.

  1. Look for this wood beam at Back Alley:
9 8

2. Align yourself with the wood beam:

10 7

3. Place your crosshair at the intersection of the imaginary red lines:

11 4

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

12 6

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land just in front of the B-Bench:

13 3

4. Mirage B-site – Right Arch/Get Right Smoke

image 50

The Arches that separate B-site from B-short is called Get Right/Get Left, much like how the corner at Cache’s Quads is called NBK. These Arches are called such since GeT_RiGhT loves to play at this spot as a CT in Mirage.

For Mirage’s B-site, it is essential to smoke both gaps in the Arches since CT players can use the middle wall as cover from multiple angles.

Another good reason to smoke Arches is that, without smokes, T-players pushing from Apartments will have to hard-clear these spots, which needlessly exposes them to CT players holding from Van, Benches, Market, and B-site itself.

  1. Look for this Window Frame at Back Alley:
14 10

2. Align yourself with the corner of the right side of the Frame:

19 5

3. Aim for the tip of the second steel rod:

16 4

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

17 5

When done correctly, the Smoke Grenade should land and cover the entire GeT_RiGhT area:

20 2

5. Mirage B-site – Left Arch/Get Left Smoke

image 51

This smoke is best when used in tandem with the Get Right smoke. There is very little point to smoking one side of the Arches and not smoking the other side. Smoking both gaps in the Arches will provide the best coverage.

  1. Look for the rightmost wood beam at Back Alley:
22 5

2. Align yourself with the wood beam:

23 2

3. Turn around and aim for this spot on the upper left side of the lamp:

Untitled design
Untitled design 1

4. Jump-throw the Smoke Grenade:

24 2

The Smoke Grenade should bounce clean off of the wall and land on the Left Arch/Get Left:

25 2

6. Mirage B-site – Market Window Re-smoke from Van

image 52

CT players playing from Mirage A-site will take the shortest route towards B-site when playing for a retake most of the time. In this case, B-Market will be the most common spot that CTs try to take control of to gain access to the Mirage B-site.

With this in mind, your team could use a quick Market Window re-smoke when available; here is a quick and easy smoke lineup from Van.

  1. Stand in this corner of the barell:
26 2

2. Turn towards the Market Roof area:

27 3

3. Aim for the middle of this satellite dish:

image 62

4. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

28 3

A quick and easy smoke lineup for Market Window:

29 4

7. Mirage B-site – Market Entrance Re-smoke from Van

If you manage to get a hold of another Smoke Grenade from fallen enemies, you will want to re-smoke Market Entrance to keep the rotating CT players’ sightlines to a minimum.

The Market Window and Market Entrance smokes are best used in tandem to give the best coverage and protection for T-side on post-plant. Whenever you or your teammates get a hold of an extra Smoke Grenade, these spots are the most important areas to re-smoke on post-plant.

  1. Go to the same barell as the Market Window Re-smoke lineup:
31 2

2. Aim for this small strip on the wall:

Untitled design 2
Untitled design 3
image 63

3. Left-click-throw the Smoke Grenade:

32 1

When lined up properly, the Smoke Grenade will gently bounce off of the wall and land at the Market Entrance:

30 2

8. Mirage B-site – B-short Smoke

Most of the time, the double Arches smokes are enough to keep CT players from taking any more space within B-short. Unfortunately, when the Arches smokes wear out, the CT players can easily initiate a pincer attack from B-short and B-Market.

This simple B-short smoke is enough to deter CT players from pushing beyond the Ladder Room and will buy your team more time to set the bomb off successfully.

  1. Go to the same corner as the Market Smoke lineups at Back Alley:

2. Aim at the top left corner of the tower:

image 65

3. Left-click-throw. No jump.

34 2

Nice and simple smoke for B-short:

35 3

Take Mirage B-site like Faze Clan

These smokes are standard-execute B-Rush smokes that have become a staple in Faze Clan’s Mirage gameplay. Feel free to watch a few videos on Faze’s Mirage B-site execute to know how to take advantage of these smokes that we have featured here.

Even if you and your teammates can not play nearly as well as the top pros in Faze Clan, mastering these smokes will at least make sure that your team’s Mirage B-site will be easier than ever before.

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Happy Smoking CSGO style!

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