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Once you start adding friends in CrossFire, the fun factor in your games will ratchet up a notch. Eventually, you’ll be able to host games in a non-toxic environment with just the players from your friends list. But how do you add friends, exactly?

How to Add a Friend in CrossFire

In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that in CrossFire?

How Do You Add Friends in CrossFire?

Adding friends in CrossFire is rather straightforward. The only requirement is that you have to be on the same channel or room as the player you want to add. If that’s the case, here’s how to add a friend:

  1. Right-click on the user’s name.
  2. Left-click on “Add Friends”.
  3. Wait for them to accept your request.
  4. Once they accept it, you’ll be able to see their name in the friends list.

What Benefits Can Your Friends Provide?

CrossFire relies on the Friend Nomination System to make the game more interactive for you and your friends. It helps the community grow and rewards players for inviting their friends to the game.

What Can You Do with the Friend Nomination System?

When a new player joins the community, they choose which friend they want to nominate. They do so by right-clicking on the player’s name and selecting the “Nominate a Friend” option. In turn, the nominated player can make purchases in the Point Mall. However, they must be at least Second Lieutenant in rank to receive a nomination.

If a new user nominates you, you’ll get a Gift Box. In addition, you’ll receive some of the experience the new user acquires as Friend Points.

How to Add Friend in Crossfire

Do Friend Nominations Earn You Friend Points?

Friend nominations exist to ensure points for you and your friends. You begin to obtain friend points the moment you’re nominated by a new user and they join the game. In turn, you’ll be able to use your friend points to buy weapons in the friend points mall.

Moreover, you’ll be entitled to many benefits just for nominating other players. Upon nominating a user, you’ll get additional experience, weapons, and game points.

While the new user climbs in rank, both users acquire bonuses. Also, you can earn more experience if you play with friends who’ve nominated you.

Add a Friend in Crossfire

Can You Nominate More Than One Friend?

Unfortunately, new players can nominate only one player. There are no subsequent nominations, so be careful not to make the wrong choice.

When it comes to veteran players (accounts with the rank of at least Lieutenant), nominating a player is unavailable for them.

How Many Friends Can Nominate Me?

Any new player who joins the game can choose you as their nominee. In other words, you can receive an unlimited number of nominations.

If you’re looking to receive as many friend points as possible, try to persuade new players to select you as their nominee. Additionally, be sure to invite your real-life friends to CrossFire and give you their nominations.

How Do You Create Your CrossFire Game?

Even if you have just one friend on your list, you can start creating your games. However, the more people you play with, the more fun you typically have. Here’s how you can design games with other people:

  1. Enter your channel lobby and go to “New Room”.to access the room design menu.
  2. Here, you’re able to customize your game in a number of ways. For instance, you can decide on the game mode with blue buttons located on the left-hand side.
  3. After making your modifications, proceed to your room by pressing “OK”.
  4. While you’re in the room, make additional customizations such as choosing the map with the menu to your left.
  5. After setting the stage for your game, wait for other players to enter the room before starting the game. However, you can play some game modes with just one other player.
  6. When a user enters the room and there’s the (R) sign next to their username, they’re prepared for the match.
  7. Press “Start” to get the match underway.

What Game Modes Should You Try with Your Friends?

CrossFire offers a slew of immersive modes you’ll surely enjoy with your friends. Here are just some of them:

  1. Team Deathmatch – It’s a classic clash between two teams. The objective of the game type is simple – your team has to kill more players than the opponent. The winning team is the one that reaches the kill limit first or ends up with more kills once the timer reaches zero.
  2. Search & Destroy – One team’s goal is to set off a bomb at the designated location(s), while the other team is supposed to thwart their efforts. The team that completes their objective is the winner of the round, and the team that reaches the target number of rounds won is the winner of the entire game.
  3. Free for All – In this mode, it’s every player for themselves since there are no teams. The aim is to kill as many other players as possible. The winner is the one with more kills than anyone, the player who gets to the kill limit first, or the one with the most kills collected at the end of the game.

Add Friend in Crossfire

Dive Into CrossFire with Some Company

CrossFire isn’t meant to be a single-player game. Get as many friends to play it as you can and experience the action-packed maps together. If you get tired of one game mode, switch to another and keep the fun rolling.

Have you tried CrossFire with more than one friend? Is its multiplayer mode what it’s cracked up to be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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