Phasmophobia: How To Open Journal


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The journal is probably the most important tool you will use to catch ghosts. It has multiple purposes, but the main one is to give you information on each ghost.

Phasmophobia: How To Open Journal

Furthermore, you can store the evidence inside so you can work out which spirit hunts that particular building. It’s very straightforward to use. What is harder is to pinpoint which ghost you’ve encountered.

Nonetheless, today we will tell you how to open your journal and how to use it.

How to Open Journal in Phasmophobia

phasmophobia how to open journal

As I said above, it’s not just the information it provides that is good. You can also store information in this journal. For example, you will have evidence 1,2, and 3.

You can point what equipment you have used for evidence. A particular example would be evidence from EMF, fingerprints, and photos. This is just an example, there are many more types of evidence.

So, to answer this question, you will have to click J on your keyboard to open journal.

If this doesn’t open your journal, then go to options, and then controls. Check you key-binds and see on what key you have the journal set on. “J” is usually the default key.

You also have information about the equipment in the journal. It can help you choose and use all of the gear you have on your disposal.

The spirit information ranges from basic information, to extensive knowledge about these entities. Once you’ve gathered enough evidence, enter it in your journal.

Now, you can choose the probable ghost type you have discovered. On top of that, you can insert camera pictures as evidence.

From this book’s photo section, you can clearly see the photos, and easily pinpoint what kind of paranormal entity hunts that house.

This item is a great addition to the game, it has made the way of gathering evidence and information really straightforward.

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