Adopt Me Business Monkey | How Rare is it?



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In the Monkey Fairground event, there were many monkey pets available that you could obtain. Now, after a while, these pets have tripled and even quadrupled their value. Most were ultra-rare, like the Business Monkey, and while there aren’t many people who are in the market for one, this monkey is worth a lot! The main issue with this pet comes when you’re selling it, as for buying it, you could easily find someone from who you can take it from their hands.

Adopt Me Business Monkey | How Rare is it?

We looked at the community, and what players’ views and thoughts about this pet were, in order to determine how much it is worth.

How Much Is a Business Monkey Worth – Adopt Me

Back when the Monkey Fairground event was active, you could obtain this pet through Monkey Boxes. On top of that, you can transform a classic Monkey if you have one to a Business Monkey.

To do this, you must have three rare briefcase ingredients that can be obtained through the Monkey Boxes, as well as an ordinary Monkey.

Its appearance is the same as the ordinary Monkey, but whit a full blown black formal suit, with a briefcase that it holds using its tail.

There were countless trades that we looked at, and we determined that the Business Monkey is worth at least one NFR for it, along with a few rare items. However, even though this is true, since not many look for this ultra-rare pet, you might negotiate to get a much lower price than this.

Still, many are aware of how rare this pet is, so expect to give at least one NFR pet for it! If you’re planning to trade yours, make sure you get an NFR pet, but it might be challenging, since not many want this pet anyways.

Nevertheless, if you can’t get an NFR for it, try to lower the price a bit, but maintain that it has a pretty high value!

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