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Adopt Me is a game where knowing pets, eggs, items’ values is a must. In order to progress in the game, one must determine whether he or she should make a particular trade. In any case, the point is that, even though knowing the value of something is a must, rarely do players know the true value of a particular pet or item. Adopt Me is getting a new update in the next few days, and a new egg is coming.

Adopt Me: How Much Are Ocean Eggs Worth

The egg in question is the Ocean Egg and like its name suggests, it will be ocean themed. But what can we expect from this egg, and how much will it be worth?

The Value of the Ocean Egg – Adopt Me

Well, the Ocean Egg is scheduled for release on the 16th of April 2021. It will be replacing the Fossil egg, which was released last October, 2020. Since all eggs have the same value, we expect that the Ocean egg will be the same.

The Ocean Egg will be worth 750 Bucks, most likely.

This is purely speculation, as there is no official information about its price nor how rare the pets in it will be. However, most of the eggs in the past have cost the same amount of bucks, so there is a good chance the Ocean egg will be the same.

As far as what type of pets we should expect, for now, only a few have been found, which were in the official Adopt Me teaser. The pets that are currently known to be in this egg are:

  • Shark
  • Crab
  • Seahorse

Whether more will be added or it will remain with only these is the real question. Still, most eggs in the past have had much more, so there is a good chance more will be available once the egg gets released.

After the egg becomes unavailable or during its availability period, players can also trade for this egg.

The true worth of it in trading is hard to determine, but there aren’t much factors that would suggest that it will be worth more than any other regular egg in the game.

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