Adopt Me: How Much is the Golden Dragon Worth



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Adopt Me has evolved to a vast and enormous world full of pets. As the game gets regular updates and great pet additions, so does some of the value of other pets declines or increases. Dragons have always been high valued pets over the years, but during this last year, most of them did lose a lot of their value. But what about the odd one out of the bunch, the Golden Dragon?

Adopt Me: How Much is the Golden Dragon Worth

Well, we looked at what the community was feeling about this pet, and we looked at the demand, along with a few other variables to determine its true value.

Golden Dragon’s Worth – Adopt Me

This pet has been around for a while. It was released back in March of last year, and at the moment it is currently unavailable, i.e. only available from trading with other players.

At the moment, the Golden Dragon isn’t worth that much. It has muraculasly lost most of its value, sadly. The Golden Dragon is worth somewhere around one Frost Owl or a Turtle.

Some might even trade a very low-tier Neon legendary for it, but it is highly unlikely, as the demand for this pet is pretty low.

It is pretty unusual how this pet lost most of its value, since it was still a Dragon. Like I said, most of the time Dragons in Adopt Me hold up their value pretty well. Still, this was no regular dragon, and it didn’t look particularly good.

Back in the day when it was available, you could hatch it from a Golden egg, which was worth 660 stars.

This number of stars wasn’t that hard to get, and adding up that players had a whopping 33.3% chance to get the Golden Dragon, it is easy to see that many obtained it easily. Because of that, there are so many in the world, and the demand is low.

Whether the Golden Dragon’s worth will increase over the years is highly unlikely, but we have seen that happen with the Golden Unicorn.

Still, there isn’t a way to predict fluctuation or increase in value for pets in Adopt Me, so, there isn’t much to go on.

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