Adopt Me: How Much is an Artic Reindeer Worth


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With new events starting, and old ones finishing, some of the pets’ values in Adopt Me change. It has always been difficult to know the exact value of a pet or an item, but there are general rules to follow to pinpoint the value of something. As for legendary pets, those are the hardest ones, and players always ask themselves whether they’re making the right trade or not.

Adopt Me: How Much is an Artic Reindeer Worth

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the Christmas event pets, especially the Artic Reindeer. How has its value stood up over the years?

How Much is the Artic Reindeer – Adopt Me

Straight of the bat, it is important to mention that this pet isn’t available anymore. Meaning, players cannot get it from a shop or somewhere in the game, but they can do so with trading with other players.

Which makes knowing the exact value of this pet a necessity. From what we saw, the Artic Reindeer is loved by many. Its demand is good, but it is also very rare, and not in terms of the game’s acronyms, but actually very rare.

Today, it is worth quite a lot; it is worth either a Monkey King or an Albino Monkey. You can also get a Frost Fury for it.

There was only a 1.5% chance of hatching the Artic Reindeer from the Christmas egg, hence why it is so uncommon and rare. Since its demand is pretty high, plus the fact that there are only so few, it is worth quite a lot.

The chances are in favor of its value growing even more over the years, so if you’re looking to get one, you should. Although this is purely speculation, but it is possible, since it is pretty unique.

Additionally, even the egg was a hit-or-miss back in the day. You couldn’t just buy it, but instead, you could buy a Christmas or a Golden gift and obtain the egg that way.

As for which Christmas event the Artic Reindeer got released, it was the 2019 one.

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