Adopt Me: How Much is a Lamb Worth


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One of the biggest challenges that players are facing in Adopt Me is making the best possible trades in every given situation. But for you to do the best possible trade for the lamb, a player must know how much the Lamb is worth, which can be tricky and at the same time a problem. The moment that some of the pets are dropped in the game, you can hatch them from eggs with a given drop rate. But the moment you cannot get them from hatching them, they are harder to find only because a group of people has them. The price now can go up for the pet, so the Lamb might be worth more these days.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Lamb Worth

How much is a Lamb Worth – Adopt Me

how much is a lamb worth adopt me

The Lamb is a limited ultra-rear pet that was released in Adopt Me during the Easter Event in 2021 on April 29. When this pet got released, you could have purchased it for 250 bucks but only at the Easter Event Stand.

Since the Lamb was around not that long ago, its value hasn’t grown that much yet. For now, the Lamb is worth as much as a Flamingo, but we suspect that its value will grow in the future.

The Lamb is the first known pet from the event to be shared with the public, but now when the Easter Event is finished, the only way for you to get this pet is by doing trades with other players.

There is no option anymore to get this pet by buying it. This situation can make the price go up because only people who bought this item during the Eastern Event have it.

So, that means that when you want to trade with someone for this pet get ready for the owner to ask for a bigger price than 250 bucks.

Also, you will be able to find this pet in two more appearances: Neon Appearances and Mega Neon Appearance.

The Neon Lamb, on its formerly white wool, glows light green and it is located on the tail, back and the top of the head. The Mega Neon Lamb its wool cycles the colors of the rainbow.

To get these two the price will be bigger than the normal Lamb appearance because these two appearances are more rear.

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