Adopt Me: How Much is a Pink Cat Worth



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The Blue Dog and the Pink Cat are one of the most famous pets in Adopt Me. That’s not the only thing going for them though, they’re also very valuable.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Pink Cat Worth

Many would say what about a Frost Dragon, a Shadow Dragon, or a Frost Fury? However, this is not me trying to make the case that these pets are one of the most wanted and most special pets in the game.

Still, there is no denying their value, and how much it has grown over time.

How Much is a Pink Cat Worth – Adopt Me

The Pink Cat was available for a very limited time, back when the pets update was launched. This pet, at that time, could be obtained through the Pink Egg which wasn’t that costly, but at that time when Adopt Me didn’t have the player base it now has, it was.

All in all, even though it might not seem like it, the Pink Cat was pricy at that time. Since then, its value has grown even more, which baffles many.

Today, the Pink Cat is worth one low to mid-tier legendary in Adopt Me! This might be because this pet is so popular and demanded even to this day.

Appearance-wise, this pet isn’t anything special, and the Blue Dog as well. However, there aren’t many in existence, hence why this pet suddenly became a legendary pet. It sits comfortably as the second most valuable uncommon pet in Adopt Me, after the Blue Dog.

What I failed to mention is that this pet is only available through trading with other players. However, if you do have or find a Pink Egg, you can still hatch one, but it is no secret that there are next to no Pink Eggs left in Adopt Me.

Its Neon version more than makes up for its undoubtably stale and boring design. In any case, it is cute, but it lacks the potent elements that the newly added Adopt Me pets have.

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Adopt Me: How Much is a Blue Dog Worth


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