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In Adopt Me, there are a huge variety of pet to choose from. While pets are a big part of the game, trading is as important, or if not more.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Queen Bee Worth

There are many aspects in Adopt Me that surprise a lot of people. Players need to build up their sense of value, and make trades in order to keep their pets’ collection valuable. For those that are in the market for a Queen Bee, or would like to trade their own, it’s particularly difficult.

The worth of the Queen Bee is unknown, so join us as we unveil its worth!

How Much is a Queen Bee Worth – Adopt Me

First off, it’s no secret that the Queen Bee doesn’t exercise a lot of popularity and interest. On the contrary, there is a really low demand for this legendary pet, and it might not be obvious why.

It isn’t obvious, because the Queen Bee is a special and unique pet, with an interesting appearance. However, its poor choice of colors might make it even less worth than the regular King Bee.

You can get the Queen Bee by using honey to tame a bee. Nonetheless, before you do that, its important to note that the chances of acquiring a Queen Bee are 1 in 40, or in other words a measly 2.5% chance to get one.

So, even though the demand for this pet is pretty low, considering the troubles one might go through to get it, might add to its worth. Well, for the millionaire dollar question, the Queen Bee is worth an Artic Deer, a King Bee, or an Artic Reindeer.

The conclusion is that the Queen Bee is surprisingly valuable considering its worth at least an Artic Deer. For a FR Queen Bee, it is worth one NFR Artic Deer and a NFR Bee.

If you are looking to get a Queen Bee for yourself, I would suggest to look at some other trades. At the moment, trading a Queen Bee is not worth it, as there are far better choices on the market.

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