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Adopt Me has many different aspect and sides to it. For example, not many are aware that pets aren’t the only valuables in this game. There are also vehicles that can be obtained.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Rocket Sled Worth

Now, even though veterans might laugh at that statement, for players that are just now getting into Adopt Me, this world might be more than overwhelming. Nevertheless, there are many vehicles in this game, but one of the most famous ones is definitely the Rocket Sled.

Because of its nature, many say that it has a high value. But is this the truth, or is this vehicle obtainable easily?

How Much is a Rocket Sled Worth – Adopt Me

To easily understand and determine its value, we must establish a bit of context. The Rocket Sled was available back in 2017 during the Christmas Event. It was introduced along with the gifts, and it was part of their roster.

It was among the first legendary vehicles that was implemented in Adopt Me. It was obtainable from the Massive Gift, which was 625 bucks at the time. As many of you might know, 625 bucks was a lot back then.

Because of all of these points I made, players believe that the Rocket Sled has a high value, and they’re right. The Rocket Sled is worth at least one Shadow Dragon in Adopt Me.

The Shadow Dragon is among the highest valued pets in the game at the time of writing. It comes as no surprise that this pet is worth that much, since it was the first legendary vehicle, and was definitely hard to get.

Of course, now, you cannot get this item regularly, as those Gifts were replaced shortly after. The only way to get this amazing vehicle is through trading with other players.

For those that want to trade their own, I would suggest holding onto it a bit more. This vehicle is doomed to have its value increase over time. This isn’t a regular vehicle, it is a piece of Adopt Me’s history.

Nonetheless, for those that want to get one for themselves, I would praise their decision, but it will take at least one Shadow Dragon to get it!

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