Adopt Me: How Much is Kitsune Worth


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There are many pets in Adopt Me, that have their values sky-rocket. While it does tend to happen quite frequently, some of the pets in the game also have their values plummet. Whether it is from low demand, how common it is among players’ inventories, or whether it is disliked by many, it does happen. Still, in most cases, it is very difficult to determine a pet’s value.

Adopt Me: How Much is Kitsune Worth

Like that, many are asking themselves, how much is a Kitsune worth. After all, the pet is liked by many, plus, it is a legendary pet.

How Much is Kitsune Worth – Adopt Me

Unlike the other pets we cover, the Kitsune is actually still available. Even though it was released back in July of 2020, it has managed to stay in the shop for quite some time. It costs 600 Robux to get it directly from the store.

Like any other pet that is still available, the demand hasn’t grown to a state where this pet would be worth a fortune. While we know it costs 600 Robux, many are wondering what is its true value, trading-wise.

Well, quite frankly, not that much. You can expect to give or receive a King Bee, Ninja Monkey, Dragon, or a Golden Rat for it.

So, it is worth somewhere in the neighborhood to how much these pets are worth.

The fact that it is still available in the shop might be the reason as to why this pet isn’t worth a whole lot, as many can get it easily by spending some Robux. Plus, the regular discounts and sales at the shop don’t help either.

This pet has been priced 300 Robux instead of 600, quite a number of times during some events, to encourage players to purchase it.

It is a shame that it isn’t worth that much, since it is very liked by many.

In my book, when pets are liked and esthetically pleasing, then their values are very high. But like I said, the reason to its low value is the fact that it is still available in the shops.

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