Adopt Me: How Much Is Capybara Worth


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Uncommon pets in Adopt Me aren’t very valuable. Sure, they’re harder to get than common pets, but still not very difficult, compared to ultra-rare or legendary pets. In some cases though, their value might grow drastically. That leaves some players wondering, how much is Capybara worth? This is a pet which many have acquired back in the day, and now, it can be only obtained through trading.

Adopt Me: How Much Is Capybara Worth

How Much Is Capybara Worth – Adopt Me

The Capybara was a pet that was released back in August of 2019. It could be obtained from the Jungle egg, along with the Platypus, and some others. The Jungle egg costed 750 bucks, and players had a 45% chance of getting this pet.

Which means that, many players have gotten this pet. A forty-five percent chance is a high number, but that is how easy it is to get uncommon pets, which leads to low values.

Nevertheless, how much is the Capybara worth in Adopt Me? Well, players can get a Silly Duck or a Drake for the Capybara, which is not that high.

There are a couple of reasons for the low value of the Capybara. Firstly, like I said before, uncommon pets have low values because of how easy it is to acquire them.

Also, since only two years has passed since the release of the pet, it hasn’t aged that long for its value to grow exponentially. That is not to say that it will, but the general rule is, the longer time that passes, the more value the pet has, since the stock goes down, while the interest might go up.

Again though, this rarely happens for uncommon pets, but it is a possibility. That was the case with the Blue Dog and the Pink Cat, which are now very valuable, and players can get some low-to-mid tier legendary pets for them.

The appearance plays a role as well. A perfect example is the Pink Cat or Blue Dog, both unique in appearance, hence why there is so much demand.

Nonetheless, it is highly unlikely that the Capybara will grow in value, and at the moment, it is worth only an other uncommon pet, somewhere in the middle, in terms of value.

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