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The Platypus in Adopt Me is an ultra-rare pet, which is not available through normal means of obtaining pets. It was available for a limited time, and since then, it can only be obtained through trading with other players. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information about how much is the Platypus worth. So, we though it be best to pinpoint its exact value.

Adopt Me: How Much Is Platypus Worth

How Much Is Platypus Worth – Adopt Me

The Platypus was available from the Jungle egg, back in 2019. It was released in August, and even though it was only an ultra-rare pet, there was a lot of interest for it.

In time, pets’ values in Adopt Me can either grow or go down. Which is the case for the Platypus? Well, the values change regularly, but at the moment, the Platypus is worth one Albino Bat or a Zombie Buffalo.

Players can also get a legendary pet for the Platypus, from the likes of the King Bee or the Kitsune.

So, generally, even though there was interest for the Platypus back in the day, it has not aged well. Sure, it sits in the middle in terms of value compared to other ultra-rare pets, but that is not that high. There are other ultra-rare pets which are worth much more, somewhere in the neighborhood of two-three legendaries.

These are high-tier ultra-rare pets though, and the two highest valued ultra-rare pets are the HedgeHog and the Dalmatian. Both of which were introduced with a theme, during the Christmas event.

Since then, the Christmas hat that came with them, along with the actual pet itself, was split into two items, hence why the values are so high for these pets.

Whether the value will grow for the Platypus is highly unlikely, since it is not a legendary pet, and the demand isn’t too high for it.

Nevertheless, at the time of writing, that is how much the Platypus is worth, which isn’t a whole lot, but it is not as low as many perceive it to be.

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