Adopt Me: How Much Is Mono Moped Worth


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Toys and pets aren’t the only things that players are regularly trading in Adopt Me. In fact, there are vehicles in this game, which might make getting around the world much easier. However, like it is difficult to pinpoint the exact value for pets and toys, the same goes for vehicles, like the Mono Moped. Many are wondering these days; how much is the Mono Moped worth in Adopt Me?

Adopt Me: How Much Is Mono Moped Worth

How Much Is Mono Moped Worth – Adopt Me

It has been quite a long time since the Mono Moped was released in Adopt Me. It was released back in 2018, and it was part of the gifting system in the game. However, a long time has passed, and this vehicle was a limited-time vehicle.

Now, it can be only obtained through trading, which is why so many are interested in its value. How much is it? Well, it is surprising how a mono moped might be worth that much.

In fact, the Mono Moped is worth at least two Witch’s Caravans, or one Bunny Carriage. In terms of which pet a player can get for the Mono Moped, those include:

  • 1x Crow
  • 2x Monkey King
  • 2x Frost Furry

Of course, not all combined, but individually, that is the ballpark of value the Mono Moped is.

The Mono Moped had to be obtained through gifts, and those might set you back 70, 199, or 499 bucks depending on the type of gift players get.

Because of that, not many players have the Mono Moped to this day. It has a distinct red color, with only one wheel under the seat, hence ‘mono’ meaning one.

It is very similar to the Moped, with two exhausts from behind, emitting smoke particles. It has the same yellow light on the front of it, and the seating position looks very uncomfortable.

It can seat only one player, but nevertheless, the demand for this item is very high. It has a high demand, which is surprising for this type of a vehicle, considering there are very interesting vehicles available for players.

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