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Adopt Me is full of pets and toys, and since there is so much stuff, trading is more challenging than a couple of years ago. Determining the value for individual pets or vehicles is more than hard. To help out a bit, we will try to pinpoint the exact value of the Neon Scooter today. By the end of this article, you’ll know how much the Neon Scooter is worth.

Adopt Me: How Much Is Neon Scooter Worth

How Much Is Neon Scooter Worth – Adopt Me

Interestingly enough, the Neon Scooter has been out for quite a while now. It was released way back in 2018, and players could get it through gifts then. Since it is a limited-time vehicle, it isn’t available anymore, at least through normal means of obtaining.

At the moment, the only way players can get one, or sell one, is through trading with other players in the game. That’s why knowing its value is of such importance.

So, how much is the Neon Scooter worth anyways? The Neon Scooter is worth somewhere around one Frost Furry, Albino Monkey, or an Artic Reindeer.

Any of those legendary pets would be a good enough trade for this vehicle.

It is important to mention that depending on the color of the Neon Scooter, the value might vary a bit. For example, a white Neon Scooter will cost much more than a ordinary green Neon Scooter.

The point is, more desirable colors will impact the value of the Neon Scooter, and less desirable colors might negatively impact the price.

Whether its value goes up is highly likely, since the demand for these Neon Scooters is pretty high despite many players thinking otherwise. And as time passes by, items slowly get more and more rare, and that is the biggest reason they increase in value.

Despite the Neon Scooter being anywhere from 70 to 499 bucks back in the day, good items will go up in value, always. Make sure to keep an eye out for good trades in this game, because players’ progress are highly dependent on the trades they do.

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