Crocodile | How much is Worth in Adopt Me


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The Crocodile pet was pretty rare even upon its release into the game. But what has changed since then, has it gone up or down in value?

Crocodile | How much is Worth in Adopt Me

The Crocodile pet was a 7.5% hatch rate from the Jungle Egg. The Jungle egg replaced the Safari eggs, and introduced seven pets into the game which aren’t available anymore. These days, the Crocodile, or any pets from the Jungle eggs are only available through trading with other players.

Not much is clear when it comes to this pet though. Many believe that it is worth some absurd amount of legendaries and FR. But is it worth that much?

How Much is the Crocodile Pet Worth – Adopt Me

Like I said, much of the information available on this pet is either false, or overestimated. The truth is that the Crocodile pet is worth around one or two legendary pets.

Even though that this pet is worth at least one legendary pet, the market for them is relatively small. So, if you’re choosing to sell one, you might have troubles finding someone who’s actually looking for one.

how much is the crocodile worth in adopt me

However, if you need to buy a Crocodile, then you can easily find one on the market. The Crocodile pet sparks a lot of interest in collectors, and most probably they’ll compromise two to three legendaries for it.

Nonetheless, for those that are not aware, this pet is classified as an ultra-rare pet, and was available for a brief period in 2019.

It’s hard to tell how will the Crocodile pet age, but like many rare pets in Adopt Me, most likely it will grow in value as well. Nevertheless, my advice is not to risk it with the Crocodile, and instead opt for something that has a solid change of increasing in value.

At the end of the day, if you like the esthetic of the Crocodile, and you aren’t worried about long-term pay-offs, then you should definitely get the ultra-rare Crocodile pet!

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