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With thousands of pets in Adopt Me, it is really difficult to determine which ones are rare and are highly valued. There is no doubt that there are many pets that look unique and it doesn’t really matter how rare they are since they have such a unique esthetic. Well, the Flamingo pet is definitely one of them, with a sharp design, but is this pet rare, or does it only look good and nothing else?

Adopt Me: How Rare is the Flamingo Pet

We have looked how hard it was, and it is to obtain this pet. The conclusion we came to might interest you a lot.

How Rare is the Flamingo Pet – Adopt Me

Back in the day, more specifically, with the release of the Safari pets back in July, 2019, we were introduced to the absurdly beautiful Flamingo pet.

Back then, eggs called the Safari Eggs, had a chance to drop the Flamingo. How much was it drop-rate? Well, the Flamingo had a 7.5% chance of dropping from the Safari egg. Those drop-rates are equal to pets that are pretty rare nowadays.

Because of the unfortunate removal and replacement of the Safari egg with the Jungle egg, players cannot obtain this pet easily anymore. Technically, you can obtain it still, but you must have a Safari egg, and like I said, you’ll only have a 7.5% chance of getting it.

Nowadays, this pet can be acquired through trading with players. Whether you’re reading this to gain some knowledge about selling your own, or to get a fair trade and get one for yourself, it is safe to say that the Flamingo pet in Adopt Me is extremely rare!

The Flamingo is classified as an ultra-rare pet, and by definition, quite a few people are searching to get their hands on this pet.

So, to which group you’re a part of from the above-mentioned, look to get a good deal on this Flamingo pet because, at the end of the day, it looks great, and it’s pretty worth for the future as well!

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