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There is a wide roster of pets in Adopt Me. They are measured by rarity, but sometimes even low-tier pets can cost a lot of bucks. It depends on many things like appearance and how scarce it is.

Adopt Me: Lion – How Much is Lion Worth

A particular update back in June 2019 introduced us to the Flamingo and the Lion. Both are ultra-rare in-game, but we found that this metric doesn’t mean much. Since then, the value might’ve changed.

That’s why we took the initiative to see how much is the Lion worth in Adopt Me.

How Much is the Lion Worth – Adopt Me

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The particular update I’m talking about is the Safari update last year. They added a new egg called the “Safari” egg. From that egg you have 15% chance to get an ultra-rare pet.

From that 15% you have a 7.5% chance to get the Lion, and the same percentage for the Flamingo. Today, you can get the Lion by trading with other players, or hatching a Safari egg, if you have one.

But the most pressing question is: How much is the Lion worth in Adopt Me?

The Lion is worth a low-tier legendary pet! So, the value has depleted over time. Whenever we try to find how much a pet is worth, we look at the Adopt Me community and try to find out how much interest there is for the pet.

Sadly, there isn’t much interest for this pet. A recent poll suggests that 32 players of 52 suggest that this pet is worth a low-tier legendary.

There were eight players who voted that it’s worth a neon ultra-rare which means that there might be some interest for it if you want to sell it. Five players said that it’s ultra-rare, and three said that it’s not worth anything.

If you are in a market for one, I suggest offering even lower than a low-tier legendary. Try it out you might get it, since no one want it. Good luck!

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