Adopt Me: Neon Kangaroo – How Much is Neon Kangaroo Worth?



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There are many legendary pets in Adopt Me. But not all of them have the same value, some might be extremely desirable, while others be discarded easily.

Adopt Me: Neon Kangaroo – How Much is Neon Kangaroo Worth?

My point is that the title “legendary” doesn’t mean that much. The players usually determine the value of a pet or a toy on their own. We have seen a lot of common pets or toys, be as valuable as legendary pets.

This brings me to my next question. The kangaroo is a legendary pet in Adopt Me. But how much is the Neon Kangaroo worth?

How Much is the Neon Kangaroo Worth? – Adopt Me


The Kangaroo can hatch from the Aussie egg. There are eight pets in the egg’s roster, and most of them are different rarities. You have a 1.5% to get a Kangaroo from this egg.

There is another legendary pet in this egg, and it’s the Turtle – with the same chances of hatching. However, these pets aren’t available anymore. The only way to get them is by trading, or if you have an old Aussie egg.

Well, if you can only obtain it from trading, how much is the Neon Kangaroo worth?

The Neon Kangaroo is worth a legendary pet, plus an ultra-rare pet in some cases.

The Neon Kangaroo is up there with the greats. We’ve seen trades with frost dragons and other legendries to get the Neon Kangaroo.

In some cases, if you are selling a Neon Kangaroo, you can push for a bonus ultra-rare pet along with a legendary pet.

The Neon Kangaroo is highly desirable by some players, hence such a trade. And from a selling standpoint, you can find a buyer in less than a day.

It has an interesting appearance, well, it’s a kangaroo after all. Nonetheless, with that being said, the Neon Kangaroo can be sold or bought for one legendary, and probably one ultra-rare!

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