Adopt Me: 3 Most Ultra Rare Pets



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Ultra-rare pets are one of the most notable pets in Adopt Me. These pets, which are difficult to obtain, are the dreams of many players.

Adopt Me: 3 Most Ultra Rare Pets

To obtain these pets, you should either buy eggs with Bucks and hatched, use Robux purchased with real money, or trade with other players.

Although every ultra-rare pet is rare, some are less likely to be caught and seen. These ultra-rare pets are highly valued in Adopt Me.

Let’s look at the 3 most rare pets in Adopt Me.

The 3 Most Rare Pets In Adopt Me

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Although some of the ultra-rare pets are more liked by the players, they are challenging to find or hatch. This makes these ultra-rare pets even more valuable and rare.

Among these highly valuable and rare ultra-rare pets are Bee, Penguin, and Sabertooth.

1) Bee

The Bee is one of the tameable animals in Adopt Me. Players who want to get the Bee must own 199 Robux sold for real money. In exchange for these Roblux, they can have Honey to tame Bee. Also, Bee can be obtained by trading with other players.

Players who want to buy Honey must go to the Coffee Shop. The Bee cannot be tamed anywhere other than the Coffe Shop. The probability of taming the Bee with Honey is 35 out of 40.


Penguin is one of the other ultra-rare pets in Adopt Me. Players who want to own a Penguin must have 225 Robux. With these Roblux, they can get Penguins by purchasing Golden Goldfish. You can also get this ultra-rare pet by trading with other players.

3) Sabertooth

Sabertooth is one of the limited ultra-rare pets in Adopt Me. Sabertooth, which is more recent in the game, was added as part of the Fossil Isle Excavation event on October 10, 2020. Players who want to own this pet need to buy one Fossil Egg for 750 Bucks or trade with other players. The worth of Sabertooth, which is quite rare as it has just been added to the game, in Adopt Me is gradually increasing.

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