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Most players, when asked, if they’re aware of Gingerbread in Adopt me, many of them will respond with a resounding yes. However, while most are aware that something like Gingerbread exists at all in Adopt Me, not many are aware of its function and use.

Adopt Me: What Is the Use For Gingerbread

The reason for this was probably the fact that Gingerbread was only available for a specific time, and it is a discontinued currency. It was available on the Christmas event back in 2019, and players could obtain it by finishing some tasks. With it, it was possible to buy gifts with random items inside, as well as pets, and toys.

Gifts & What is Use Of Gingerbread

The basic Christmas gift on the event, costed about 1,440 Gingerbread to buy. As for the more expensive and rewarding choice, the Golden Gift, it was around 4,300 Gingerbread.

Both of these gifts had similar drops like:

  • Candle – 10% Drop Chance
  • Cookie Dough Plush – 10% Drop Chance
  • Santa leash – 10% Drop Chance
  • Christmas Star Frisbee – 10.5% Drop Chance
  • Ice Club Rattle – 10.5% Drop Chance
  • Sled – 5% Drop Chance
  • Sleigh Bells Rattle – 5% Drop Chance
  • Ice Pick Grappling Hook – 4% Drop Chance
  • Ice Queen Sleigh – 4% Drop Chance
  • Christmas Egg – 30-70% Drop Chance
  • Santa Sleigh – 1% Drop Chance

As with any other Adopt Me event, the main attraction were the pet specials. Like this, the Christmas event in 2019, had quite a few pets which were available only for the time that the event was live.

The following pets cannot be obtained anymore, instead, you can only find or acquire them by trading with fellow players.


  • Robin – Christmas Egg, 45% Drop Chance
  • Wolf – Christmas Egg, 33% Drop Chance
  • Swan – Christmas Egg, 14.5% Drop Chance
  • Polar Bear – Christmas Egg, 14.5% Drop Chance
  • Reindeer – Available for those who played during the Christmas event.
  • Shrew – 23,000 Gingerbread
  • Artic Fox – Christmas Egg, 6% Drop Chance
  • Dalmatian – 250 Robux
  • Hedgehog – 80,500 Gingerbread
  • Arctic Reindeer – Christmas Egg, 1.5% Drop Chance
  • Frost Dragon – 1,000 Robux

At the time, not only could you obtain Gingerbread by participating in the event activities, but also if you bought them with Robux.

For now, Gingerbread remains a discontinued currency, and it cannot be used until the next event, if they choose to use it, and not make another one.

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